Prof John Wilding DM FRCP

Professor of Medicine Eye and Vision Science


    Personal Statement

    John Wilding is Head of the Department of Obesity and Endocrinology at the University of Liverpool, UK. He trained in Southampton and the Hammersmith Hospital, London where he undertook clinical training and three years laboratory-based research into the neurobiology of obesity and diabetes. He has worked at University Hospital Aintree, Liverpool since 1996, initially as Senior Lecturer, then Reader and as Professor of Medicine since 2005. He has published over a hundred and sixty papers, chapters and review articles related to his research interests in type 2 diabetes and obesity. His clinical research focuses on the pathophysiology of obesity and diabetes and evaluation of new treatments. He has developed a specialist multidisciplinary services for the management of severely obese patients and was Chair of the UK Association for the Study of Obesity 2005-2008 and is Chair of the UK National Clinical Research Network Metabolic and Endocrine Speciality Group.

    Personal Distinctions

    • Role of the kidney in glucose homeostasis (Invitation to Speak, American Diabetes Association 2010)
    • What do we know about the causes of overweight? (Invitation to Speak, Royal Society of Medicine 2010)
    • SGLT2 Inhbitors for Diabetes (Invitation to Speak, American Diabetes Association 2009)
    • Obesity Diabetes and Sleep Apnoea (Invitation to Speak, Portuguse Diabetes Association 2009)
    • Sleep apnoea and metabolic syndrome (Invitation to Speak, International Diabetes Federation 2009)
    • SGLT2 Inhibitors for Diabetes (Invitation to Speak, EASD 2008)
    • Obesity: Role of drugs in the 21st Century (Invitation to Speak, British Endocrine Society 2008)
    • Evidence for pharmacotherapy in diabetes: weight-reducing agents (Invitation to Speak, Diabetes UK 2008)
    • Diabetes and Sleep Apnoea (Keynote Speech, Federation of European Nurses in Diabetes 2007)
    • Treating Obesity in Diabetes (Invitation to Speak, Diabetes UK 2007)
    • Neuroendocrinology of appetite control (Invitation to Speak, Hellenic Society of Endocrinology 2007)
    • Current Therapeutic Approaches to Obesity (Invitation to Speak, Heart UK 2006)
    • Management of Obesity (Invitation to Speak, Korean Association of Family Medicine 2006)
    • Epidemiology of Obesity in the UK (Invitation to Speak, Royal Society of Medicine 2006)
    • Invited Speaker (Invitation to Speak, ISOH 2005)
    • Speaker (Invitation to Speak, Obesity and health 2005)
    • Speaker (Invitation to Speak, Sleep Group 2005)
    • Founding Fellow (International Obesity Taskforce 2004)

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