Prof John Hunt D.Sc. Ph.D. B.Sc.

Professor of Clinical Sciences Musculoskeletal Biology II


    Personal Statement

    A B.Sc. (1998) in Biology and Physics naturally led to a Ph.D. (1992) in Biomaterials and Bioengineering, which has formed the basis for critical research and teaching that has been conducted for the last 28 years. Research output upto 2006 was put together for a D.Sc. entitled Cell Material Homeostasis (2006).

    Personal Distinctions

    • Fellow of Biomaterials Science and Engineering (International College of Fellows of Biomaterials Science and Engineering (ICF-BSE) 2012)
    • Bassini Award (International Hernia Society 2012)
    • The Human Body (3D) Documentary (Screening of Film, Film Company 2011)
    • European Parliment Film (Invitation to Perform, European Parliment TV 2010)
    • Emerging Project of the Year (Bionow 2010)
    • Keynote Speaker NSTI Nanotech (Keynote Speech, NSTI 2009)
    • Keynote Speaker World Conference on Regenerative Medicine (Keynote Speech, World Conference on Regenerative Medicine, Leipzig, Germany 2009)
    • Keynote Speaker 22nd ESB European Society for Biomaterials (Keynote Speech, ESB European Society for Biomaterials 2009)
    • Keynote Speaker World Stem Cell Meeting (Keynote Speech, WSCS 2009)
    • Keynote Speaker British Society for Research on Ageing (Keynote Speech, British Society for Research on Ageing 2009)
    • Repair, Replace, Restore, Regenerate (Invitation to Speak, NorthWest of England 2009)
    • Polymers for Regenerative Medicine (Invitation to Speak, Medical Moulding and Extrusion 2008)
    • TERMIS EU 2008 (Keynote Speech, TERMIS 2008)
    • Inflammation and Immunity in Regenerative Medicine (Keynote Speech, TIssue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society 2008)
    • Biocompatibility of Degradable Polymers (Invitation to Speak, ESB 2007)
    • IET Faraday 2008 Film (Invitation to Perform, IET 2007)
    • Injectable Gel Cell Delivery Systems (Invitation to Speak, Leipzig 2007)
    • Keynote (Keynote Speech, Univerisity of Minho 2007)
    • Keynote (Keynote Speech, University of Twente 2007)
    • Inflammation and Immunity (Invitation to Speak, 8th Advanced Summer Course in Cell-Materials Interactions 2007)
    • D.Sc. (University of Liverpool 2006)
    • Jean Leray Award (European Society for Biomaterials 1994)

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