Eye and Vision Science

Head of Department

Harding, Prof Simon Head of Department  0151 794 9051 S.P.Harding@liverpool.ac.uk 


Kaye, Prof Stephen Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology  S.B.Kaye@liverpool.ac.uk 
Paraoan, Prof Luminita Professor  0151 794 9038 Luminita.Paraoan@liverpool.ac.uk 
Wilding, Prof John Professor of Medicine and Honorary Consultant Physician  0151 529 5899 J.P.H.Wilding@liverpool.ac.uk 
Williams, Prof Rachel Professor, EPSRC Fellow  0151 794 9043 Rlw@liverpool.ac.uk 


Knox, Dr Paul Reader  0151 794 9042 Pcknox@liverpool.ac.uk 
Zheng, Dr Yalin Reader  0151 794 9055 Yalin.Zheng@liverpool.ac.uk 

Senior Lecturers

Alam, Dr Uazman Senior Clinical Lecturer in Diabetes & Endocrinology  0151 529 5920 Uazman.Alam@liverpool.ac.uk 
Beare, Dr Nicholas Senior Clinical Lecturer  N.Beare@liverpool.ac.uk 
Hamill, Dr Kevin Senior Lecturer  0151 794 9037 Kevin.Hamill@liverpool.ac.uk 
Kearns, Dr Victoria Senior Lecturer   0151 794 9054 Vkearns@liverpool.ac.uk 
Sheridan, Dr Carl Senior Lecturer  0151 794 9031 C.Sheridan@liverpool.ac.uk 


Levis, Dr Hannah Lecturer in Ophthalmic Bioengineering   0151 794 9034 H.Levis@liverpool.ac.uk 


Alshukri, Dr Ayesh Postdoctoral Research Associate  0151 794 9151 A.Alshukri@liverpool.ac.uk 
Aslan, Dr Joseph Clinical Research Fellow  Joseph.Aslan@liverpool.ac.uk 
Bosworth, Dr Lucy Research Fellow  0151 794 9009 Lucy.Bosworth@liverpool.ac.uk 
Davies, Dr Alys Postdoctoral Research Associate  Alys.Davies@liverpool.ac.uk 
Deshpande, Dr Pallavi Postdoctoral Research Associate  P.Deshpande@liverpool.ac.uk 
Dhowre, Dr Hala Postdoctoral Research Associate  H.S.Dhowre@liverpool.ac.uk 
Doherty, Dr Kyle Postdoctoral Research Associate  0151 794 9098 K.Doherty@liverpool.ac.uk 
Eyre, Dr Jessica Postdoctoral Research Associate  J.J.Eyre@liverpool.ac.uk 
Foulkes, Dr Daniel Postdoctoral Research Associate  Daniel.Foulkes@liverpool.ac.uk 
Gao, Dr Dongxu Postdoctoral Research Associate  Dongxu.Gao@liverpool.ac.uk 
Haneef, Dr Atikah Research Fellow  0151 794 9097 Atikah.Haneef@liverpool.ac.uk 
Hidalgo-Alvarez, Dr Veronica Postdoctoral Research Associate  V.Hidalgo-Alvarez@liverpool.ac.uk 
Kennedy, Dr Stephnie Postdoctoral Research Associate  0151 794 9099 Stephnie.Kennedy@liverpool.ac.uk 
Lace, Dr Rebecca Postdoctoral Research Associate  0151 794 9150 R.Lace@liverpool.ac.uk 
Lawman, Dr Samuel Postdoctoral Research Associate  S.Lawman@liverpool.ac.uk 
Liang, Dr He Postdoctoral Research Associate  He.Liang@liverpool.ac.uk 
Martin, Mrs Barbara Research Nurse  0151 529 5939 Martinb@liverpool.ac.uk 
Mason, Dr Sharon Project Manager  Sharon.Mason@liverpool.ac.uk 
Mehta, Mrs Jignasa   Jigs@liverpool.ac.uk 
Navein, Mrs Peta Diabetes Nurse Consultant  P.Navein@liverpool.ac.uk 
Nickson, Dr Katie Postdoctoral Research Associate  0151 794 8872 C.M.Nickson@liverpool.ac.uk 
Robinson, Dr David Postdoctoral Research Associate  D.E.Robinson@liverpool.ac.uk 
Saleh, Dr Rafiq Postdoctoral Research Associate  R.Saleh@liverpool.ac.uk 
Sharif, Dr Umar Postdoctoral Research Associate  U.Sharif@liverpool.ac.uk 
Somerville, Miss Tobi Clinical Research Fellow  Tobi.Somerville@liverpool.ac.uk 
Troughton, Mr Lee Postdoctoral Research Associate  Lee.Troughton@liverpool.ac.uk 
Turner, Mr Josh KTP Associate  Joshua.Turner@liverpool.ac.uk 
Vazquez Arango, Dr Pilar Research Coordinator  P.Vazquez-Arango@liverpool.ac.uk 
Zhang, Dr Zijian Postdoctoral Research Associate  Z.Zhang116@liverpool.ac.uk 

Technical Staff

Moss, Mrs Sam Liverpool Research Eye Bank Technician  Sam.Evans@liverpool.ac.uk 

Associate Members

Milling, Miss Ashli   A.Milling@liverpool.ac.uk 
Newsham, Dr David   D.Newsham@liverpool.ac.uk 
O'Connor, Dr Anna   Annaoc@liverpool.ac.uk 

Honorary Staff

Ahmad, Dr Sajjad Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer   
Batterbury, Mr Mark Honorary Director of Studies  M.Batterbury@liverpool.ac.uk 
Brison, Dr Daniel Honorary Research Fellow   
Broadbent, Dr Deborah Honorary Senior Lecturer  D.M.Broadbent@liverpool.ac.uk 
Burgess, Dr Philip Honorary Clinical Research Fellow   
Butler, Dr Joe Honorary Research Fellow  0151 794 9036  
Choudhary, Mrs Anshoo Honorary Clinical Lecturer  A.Choudhary@liverpool.ac.uk 
Clearkin, Mr Louis Honorary Clinical Lecturer  L.Clearkin@liverpool.ac.uk 
Czanner, Dr Gabriela Honorary Lecturer  0151 794 9741 G.Czanner@liverpool.ac.uk 
Daousi, Dr Christina Honorary Senior Lecturer  Cdaousi@liverpool.ac.uk 
Day, Dr Michael Honorary Research Fellow  Michael.Day@liverpool.ac.uk 
Giuliano, Dr Alessandro Honorary Research Fellow   
Gould, Dr Derek Honorary Reader   
Grierson, Em P Ian Emeritus Professor   
Heimann, Dr Heinrich Honorary Professor  H.Heimann@liverpool.ac.uk 
Hiscott, Prof Paul Honorary Research Fellow  P.S.Hiscott@liverpool.ac.uk 
Kay, Dr Paul Honorary Research Associate   
Porter, Dr Louise Honorary Clinical Lecturer  Louise.Porter@liverpool.ac.uk 
Romano, Mr Vito Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer  Vito.Romano@liverpool.ac.uk 
Sahni, Dr Jayashree Honorary Senior Lecturer  Jayashree.Sahni@liverpool.ac.uk 
Stewart, Miss Rosalind Honorary Research Fellow   
Vallabh, Miss Neeru Amrita Honorary Clinical Research Assistant  Neeru.Amrita.Vallabh@liverpool.ac.uk 
Vallabhaneni, Prof Srinivasa Honorary Professor   
Willoughby, Prof Colin Honorary Professor   C.Willoughby@liverpool.ac.uk 
Wong, Prof David Honorary Professor  David.Wong@liverpool.ac.uk 

Post Graduate Students

Akil, Dr Handan PhD Student  H.Akil@liverpool.ac.uk 
Alrumizan, Mr Meshary Rumizan M PhD Student  M.Alrumizan@liverpool.ac.uk 
Barkat, Dr Mohamed PhD Student  Mohamed.Barkat@liverpool.ac.uk 
Beeharry, Dr Deepa PhD Student  Deepa.Beeharry@liverpool.ac.uk 
Bridge, Mr Joshua PhD Student  Joshua.Bridge@liverpool.ac.uk 
Chen, Mr Xu PhD Student  Xu.Chen2@liverpool.ac.uk 
Davies, Miss Alys PhD student  Alys.Davies@liverpool.ac.uk 
Duffy, Miss Georgia PhD Student  G.L.Duffy@liverpool.ac.uk 
Eyre, Miss Jessica PhD Student  J.J.Eyre@liverpool.ac.uk 
Fan, Miss Xiaochen PhD Student  Xiaochen.Fan@liverpool.ac.uk 
Gotru, Miss Sherrin PhD Student  S.Gotru@liverpool.ac.uk 
Jones, Dr Gareth   Gareth.Jones@liverpool.ac.uk 
Knox, Mr John PhD Student  J.Knox@liverpool.ac.uk 
Ku, Dr Jae PhD Student  Jae.Ku@liverpool.ac.uk 
Liao, Ms Tingting PhD Student  Tingting.Liao@liverpool.ac.uk 
Mahmud, Ms Nur Musfirah PhD Student  N.Mahmud@liverpool.ac.uk 
Meevassana, Mr Jiraroch PhD Student  J.Meevassana@liverpool.ac.uk 
O'Loughlin, Miss Danielle PhD Student  Danielle.O-Loughlin@liverpool.ac.uk 
Pied, Mr Valentin PhD Student  Valentin.Pied@liverpool.ac.uk 
Pratt, Mr Harry   H.Pratt@liverpool.ac.uk 
Rajeev, Dr Surya Panicker PhD Student  S.Rajeev@liverpool.ac.uk 
Romdhoniyyah, Mrs Dewi PhD Student  D.F.Romdhoniyyah@liverpool.ac.uk 
Roy, Mr Iain PhD Student  Iain.Roy@liverpool.ac.uk 
Saptarshi, Mr Neil PhD Student  N.Saptarshi@liverpool.ac.uk 
Shaw, Mr Liam PhD Student  L.Shaw@liverpool.ac.uk 
Sugden, Mr Conor PhD Student  C.Sugden@liverpool.ac.uk 
Teng, Miss Kaiyue PhD Student  Kaiyue.Teng@liverpool.ac.uk 
Vallabh, Dr Neeru PhD Student  N.Vallabh@liverpool.ac.uk 
Zhu, Miss Wenyue PhD Student  Wenyue.Zhu@liverpool.ac.uk