Photo of Dr Carl Sheridan

Dr Carl Sheridan PhD

Senior Lecturer in Ocular Cell Transplantation Eye and Vision Science


Personal Statement

I am an internationally renowned cell biologist with research experience in ocular cell biology since 1991. My areas of focus have centered on ocular wound healing and cell transplantation research with published papers concerning the ocular surface, cornea, outflow pathway as well as retinal pathologies such as proliferative vitroretinopathy (PVR) and Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). I have published and reviewed for almost all Ophthalmology scientific journals and as well as delivering invited Key note lectures. I have organised and chaired sessions at international Ophthalmology and regenerative medicine conferences. I have a keen interest in both tissue engineering and regenerative medicine approaches to prevent and restore sight loss and is passionate about cross discipline research to achieving this goal

Positions are available for highly motivated self-funded studentships (UK/EU/International applications are all welcome). Assistance with all grant applications for funding can be given.

Personal Distinctions

  • RPE transplant (Invitation to Speak, ISER 2014)
  • Symposium organiser and chair TERMIS-world, (Invitation to Perform, TERMIS 2012)
  • Honorary Professor of european masters program (Invitation to Speak, IOBA, Spain 2012)
  • Symposium organiser and chair TERMIS-EU 2011 (Invitation to Perform, TERMIS 2011)
  • Honorary Professor of european masters program (Invitation to Speak, IOBA 2011)
  • Invited speaker UKNSC (Invitation to Speak, UKNSC 2011)
  • International Glaucoma Association Fellowship (Competitive Fellowship, International Glaucoma Association 2011)
  • Invited keynote Lecture (Invitation to Speak, EURETINA, 2010)
  • RPE cell transplant, Cologne, Germany (Invitation to Speak, Cologne cell transplant symposium 2008)
  • Artificial substrate and cell transplantation, International symposium on Ocular pharmacology (Invitation to Speak, International symposium on Ocular pharmacology 2008)
  • RPE cell culture; Cambridge Ophthalmoliga symposium (Invitation to Speak, Cambridge Ophthalmoliga symposium 2008)
  • Ocular Cell Transplant, Cambridge (Invitation to Speak, Cambridge 2007)
  • Irish College of Ophthalmology (Invitation to Speak, Irish College of Ophthalmology 2007)
  • Communications Officer (School of Clinical Sciences 2007)
  • Dr Yamini Krishna received a “Highly Recommended" at the House of Commons (Prize, Top Younger Scientists, Engineers and Technologists (SET) ceremony at the House of Commons 2006)
  • Irish College of Ophthalmology (Invitation to Speak, Irish College of Ophthalmology 2006)
  • European Society of Ophthalmology (Invitation to Speak, European Society of Ophthalmology 2005)
  • CNV and AMD; novel treatment approaches. Regenerative Medical Institute, Galway, Ireland (Invitation to Speak, Invitation to speak 2004)
  • Roy Mapstone prize (Prize, Mersey Deanary- Ophthalmology 2001)
  • Mapstone Research Workshop, Liverpool, UK (Prize, Prize 1997)

Administrative Roles

  • Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease Biological Safety Officer (2010-2016) Topic lead (Eye Vision Science) for MRes IACD (2011-2014)
  • School of Clinical Sciences Communications Officer (untill 2011).1. Proactive periodic recruitment of information from Academic Units of the School (e.g. research topics, major achievements, major grants) for use in new newsletter/websites
  • Academic Advisor (2013-present)
  • 2. Liaison with staff with editing rights for the School website. 3. Liaison with the UK Student Recruitment Office concerning upcoming Prospecti and other major University pamphlets requiring School input. 4. Liaison with Head of School concerning the above. 5. Periodic reports to the School's Management Committee pro rata necessitate.
  • Faculty of Medicine Web advisory Group member (2012). Participant representative on Board of Studies for Certificate in Professional Studies (2013). Personal Tutor (-2013).

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