Metabolism and Nutrition

The Metabolism and Nutrition team at the Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease has a long history of human and veterinary clinical research and our work is internationally-recognised.

There are endless links between health, nutrition and metabolism. That’s why we don’t simply study the science or undertake clinical work – we link the two, taking clinical problems into the laboratory to find answers.

We’re involved in numerous research projects:

  • We’re looking at the complexities of obesity and diabetes and associated metabolic diseases, not just in humans but in horses, dogs and cats
  • We are researching some rare conditions, like working with the NHS National Alkaptonuria Centre to tackle this debilitating genetic disorder which causes severe osteoarthritis
  • Our experts are looking at how nutrition can impact on metabolic bone disease and muscle metabolism
  • We’re studying rare genetic mutations which cause familial hypercalcaemia, elevated levels of calcium within the body
  • We’re examining the effects of obesity on laminitis in horses
  • We’re studing obesity and sleep apnoea, to find out if low oxygen levels also worsen diabetic eye disease, and whether obesity itself worsens diabetic retinopathy.

Our researchers have long-standing relationships with industry, working with the likes of Astrazeneca and Novo Nordisk, to see how the treatments they have developed can be used in new, life-changing ways. We’re also working with major funders, like Diabetes UK, examining whether a patient’s inactivity can cause metabolic changes.

And we have major collaborations with our colleagues within the Institute too. We want to achieve a common goal – particularly focusing on eye and vision science.