IACD Professor Elected Vice-President of International Research Organisation

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IACD’s Professor Luminita Paraoan has been elected as the new Vice-President (Europe) for the world-leading eye and vision research organisation, the International Society for Eye Research (ISER).

ISER is one of the world’s most influential organisations in the field of Eye and Vision Science research, with hundreds of members located all over the world, in research and clinical environments.

Professor Paraoan will commence her post with ISER on 1st January 2020, beginning a 3-year term as Vice-President, overseeing senior decision making processes within ISER and meetings held by the organisation.

Professor Paraoan leads the Ocular Molecular Biology and Mechanisms of Disease Group in the Department of Eye and Vision Science, in the Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease. Earlier in her career, Luminita graduated as Valedictorian from Faculty of Chemistry/Biochemistry, University of Bucharest, Romania, was then a Fulbright Research Scholar at The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA and a Wellcome Trust Prize Scholar in The Department of Biochemistry, University of Liverpool. Luminita developed her career as a Wellcome Trust Prize Fellow at The University of Liverpool where she joined the Faculty of Medicine in 2001 and continues to be a leading and influential figure in the Eye and Vision Science Department.

The awarding of this post is of particular significance as it is a post elected by the entirety of the ISER membership. This membership includes the world-leading researchers and clinicians in the field of Eye and Vision research. For Professor Paraoan to be considered worthy of this post by her peers is a considerable acknowledgement of her consistent success and devotion to her field of research and scientific community.

Upon receiving news of the appointment, Professor Paraoan said, “Really honoured by the nominations and votes received from colleagues closer and far afield. Very happy to serve ISER, an organisation that has been inspiring and supporting over the past half century thousands of eye and vision scientists all over the world, with real impact on the field.”