Prof. Hugh Morton


Research Interests

Knot theory and low dimensional topology.

Contact Information

+44 1548 854757
Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Liverpool
Peach Street,
Liverpool. L69 7ZL
United Kingdom
Since my retirement in 2008 and the movement and change of interest of the participants, there is no longer a formal Liverpool Knot Theory Group.
I maintain an active interest in the area, and continue to work with others, mainly through internet communication.
Although I am only sporadically at a desk in Liverpool I continue in regular email contact, through my university email address. Physical mail to Liverpool University may take some time to catch up with me, so email, or even telephone contact will be much more reliable.

Some recent publications

Details of my publications can be found in the list of publications of myself and former students and collaborators, with links to copies of some papers and theses.

Lecture notes on knots for Liverpool MSc 2001-2. These have been slightly updated for use with the Madrid doctoral programme 2009.

There is also a short list of programs for calculating knot invariants from braids.