Dr. Francis Rayner

Honorary Senior Fellow 

Research Interests

Commutative algebra and arithmetic. 

Contact Information

+44 151 794 4061
Department of Mathematical Sciences

The University of Liverpool
Peach Street
GB-L69 7ZL
United Kingdom

Recent Preprints Ordered fields

Some recent publications

Algebraically closed fields analogous to fields of Puiseux series, J. London Math. Soc. (2) 8 (1974) 504-506.

Corrigendum, Gravett's proof of a theorem of Krull, Quart. J. Math (Oxford) (2) 26 (1975) 384.

Ordered Fields, Séminaire de Théorie des nombres 1975-6 (Univ. Bordeaux I, Talence) Exp. No. 1, Lab. Théorie des Nombres, Centre Nat. Recherche Sci. Talence 1976

(with W.Narkiewicz) Distribution of values of sigma_2(n) in residue classes, Monatsh. Math. }94 (1982),131-141.

Weak uniform distribution for divisor functions, I, Math. Comp. 50 (1988) 335-342.

Weak uniform distribution for divisor functions, II', Math. Comp. 51 (1988) 331-337.