Astronomy Field Trip – Tenerife 2012

 Some snapshots...

Mount Teide at sunrise
Clouds below us
Mons telescope dome
Timelapse movie of clouds
Analysing data

Team 'TEC'

Team 'TEC'

Team 'TWNN'

Team 'J2H'

Team 'J2H'

Team 'J2H' with Milky Way

Team 'TEC' with Milky Way

Team 'TWNN' with Milky Way

Group photo

Another group photo...

...and another

Flight home delayed

M51 Whirlpool Galaxy *
Taken by Liverpool Telescope

M16 Eagle Nebula *
Taken by Liverpool Telescope

 Some panoramas...

Teide Observatory – the Mons telescope dome is in the foreground, right of centre

The 'extra-terrestrial' landscape of Mount Teide

View of Teide Observatory from the slopes of Mount Teide
The observatory is on the horizon, right of centre

 Some astrophotography...

Milky Way through Scutum and Scorpius
Nikon D200 + 35mm f/1.8 lens
Mosaic of two 20 x 1 minute exposures on K2 star tracker

Steve Barrett    July 2012

All images © Steve Barrett 2012

( except those marked with * )

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