The Universe: Half an Hour at a Time

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The Beginning of Everything    10 Aug 2021

A brief description of the origin and the very early history of the Universe.

After the Big Bang it took about three minutes to make all the constituents of the Universe and give it a kickstart. If this happened 13.8 billion years ago, how can we be so sure?

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The ABC of Stars and Galaxies    17 Aug 2021

How stars and galaxies are born, how they live and how they die.

A star might live for billions of years and during its lifetime it can evolve and change its behaviour. This talk looks at the main factors (the ABC) that determine how galaxies form and grow and how stars evolve.

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Black Holes    24 Aug 2021

How dead stars warp space and time.

What are black holes and how are they formed? If they are black, how can we 'see' them? Are they responsible for the enigmatic dark matter that seems to be spread throughout the Universe?

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Keeping an Eye on the Universe    31 Aug 2021

What do telescopes tell us about how the Universe works?

A look at some of the images taken by the world's largest telescopes and how they have contributed to our understanding of the origin, the evolution and the ultimate fate of the Universe.

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Steve Barrett     August 2021
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