Kenya Safari 2015

 Amboseli National Park

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Elephant and wildebeest
Elephant and baby
Elephant and baby
Zebras grazing at sunset
Acacia sunset
Thomson's gazelle
Black-winged stilt
Elephant and zebra
African fish eagle
African fish eagle (crop)
Vulture in flight
Vultures scrapping
Crowned crane
Black-headed heron
Golden jackal
Long-tailed fiscals
Crepuscular rays
Zebra sunset
Pelicans at Lake Elementaita

 Lake Nakuru National Park

Augur buzzard (dark morph)
Little bee-eater
Zebra taking a dust bath
Zebra foal
Young waterbuck
Buffalo skull
Lake Nakuru
Lesser cormorants
Agama lizard having lunch
African black-headed oriole
Lake Nakuru flood damage
Young waterbuck

 Maasai Mara National Reserve

Secretary birds
Monitor lizard
Little bee-eater
Black backed jackal
Zebra and eland silhouettes
Banded mongooses
Looking for breakfast
Cheetah close-up
Brothers walking in step
Lilac-breasted roller
Lilac-breasted roller
Cheetah and cub
Cheetah cub
Wire-tailed swallow
Bush hyrax
Gabar goshawk
Storm clouds
Buffalo and calf
Zebra portrait
Zebra crossing
Grey-backed fiscal
Using a trunk ...
... doesn't come easy
Bataleur eagle
LBR takes flight
Sand river
Do my ears look too big?
Cheetah on a kill
Waiting patiently ...
... until the cheetah are done
Reinforcements arrive
Coming in to land
Spotted hyena

 Some panoramas...

Zebras marching at sunset 
Elephants marching in the heat haze
Elephants marching in the heat haze
Eland walking away from us (it's what they do)
Curious zebras
Wildebeest on the horizon (click here for full width image)

All wildlife images taken with a Nikon D7100 digital SLR camera + 18-300mm lens

If you would like to experience a safari like this then email David Karanja who was our guide and driver.

You book a flight to Nairobi, and he will take care of everything else.

Tell him you got his name from me.

 Under African Skies

Large Magellanic Cloud
30 x 1m exposures


All astrophotography images were taken with a Nikon D7100 and 85mm f/1.4 lens. Each of the images is a sum of one-minute exposures as indicated in the captions. The camera was mounted on a motor-driven platform to track the stars as they moved slowly across the sky.

Steve Barrett    November 2015

All images Steve Barrett 2015
( except those marked with * )

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