Kenya Safari 2013

 Tsavo West National Park

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Elephant has a scratch ...
... then charges us ...
... and gives chase ...
... until he eventually gives up
Igama lizard
Leopard scent marking
Pale chanting goshawk
Tsavo view
Grass in the morning sun
View from Kilaguni Lodge
Black bellied bustard

 Amboseli National Park

Kori bustard
Elephant posing for photo
Amboseli sunset
Yellow throated longclaw
Elephant scratching his ear
Crowned crane
Another sunset

 Lake Nakuru National Park and Hell's Gate National Park

A thousand pelicans
Giraffe pulls a face at us
Lake Nakuru flooded
A jumble of zebra
Black/white and brown/white
Just being playful
Stripe pattern 'mismatch'
Lake Nakuru flooded
Hell's Gate geology
Hell's Gate tower
Rosie breasted longclaw

 Maasai Mara National Reserve

Cheetah eat while topi graze
Mother keeps watch ...
... while cubs eat
Cheetah cub
Cheetah cub
Elephant playing 'fetch'
Lilac breasted roller
Pied kingfisher
Black backed jackal
Lilac breasted roller
Elephant family portrait
Lions in the grass
Is there grass in my teeth?
Lioness greeting cubs
Crowned crane
Jackal in the grass
Lilac breasted roller
The grass is as high as ...
Crocodiles having a snooze
Grey kestrel
Bush duiker

 Some panoramas...

Pelicans take flight
Pelicans in flight
Something gets the attention of giraffe in the far distance
Breeding herd of impala one male plus his harem

All wildlife images taken with a Nikon D7100 digital SLR camera + 28-300mm lens

If you would like to experience a safari like this then email David Karanja who was our guide and driver.

You book a flight to Nairobi, and he will take care of everything else.

Tell him you got his name from me.

 Under African Skies

Single exposure of Scorpius
(no dark, no flat)


All astrophotography images were taken with a Nikon D7100 and 35mm f/1.8 lens. Each of the images is a sum of one-minute exposures as indicated in the captions. The camera was mounted on a motor-driven platform to track the stars as they moved slowly across the sky.

Steve Barrett    July 2013

All images Steve Barrett 2013
( except those marked with * )

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