Tsavo West National Park

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Pied kingfisher
Watering hole by day...
...and by night
Wall-to-wall zebra
Waterbuck and warthog
in a Mexican standoff
Common bulbuls
Agama lizard
Elephant protect their youngsters

 Amboseli National Park

In the heat haze: elephant, zebra, wildebeest, hippo, ostrich, ...

( click here for the full panorama )

Wood sandpiper
Greater painted snipe


Portrait of a youngster

Kicking up some dust

Drought means food is scarce

Wildebeest at sunrise
Vulture tree and Kilimanjaro
Amboseli dusk
Black-winged stilt and avocet
Wildebeest reflection
Long-tailed fiscal shrike
Amboseli sunset

 Masai Mara National Reserve

Mara Serena Safari Lodge
View from Mara Serena
Tawny eagle
A mean-looking buffalo
Lions doing what lions do... a lot!
Lion cub rests next to mum
Zebra and foal
Do my ears look big in this?
Lion takes shade where it can
Giraffe takes an interest in us
Oxpeckers on buffalo
Portrait of a lioness
Lions in the rain
Siblings... Ahhh...
Waterbuck in early morning light
Male lion takes a drink...
...and is joined by lioness
Taking it easy...
...as it's a hot day
Undercarriage down, airbrakes on
A raptor's bad hair day?...
...No, just looking the other way
"Scar-face" taking a nap

Scar-face's yawn is lop-sided, but he get's there in the end
Secretary bird
Rüppell's griffon vulture
Lion cub
Kori bustard

Wildebeest don't like cheetah...
...so they hassle them to move on
It's fun to be an elephant
Bateleur eagle

 Some panoramas...

View from Ol Tukai Lodge in Amboseli National Park (mosaic of 12 images)
The heat haze over the plain makes the image look like an oil painting

View from Ol Tukai Lodge in Amboseli National Park (mosaic of 4 images)
The heat haze over the plain makes the image look like an oil painting

View across the grassy plains of the Masai Mara (mosaic of 8 images)
This is a small part of the herd of two million wildebeest plus a few zebra and eland

All wildlife images taken with a Nikon D200 digital SLR camera + Sigma 100-300mm f/4 lens

If you would like to experience a safari like this then email David Karanja who was our guide and driver.

You book a flight to Nairobi, and he will take care of everything else.

Tell him you got his name from me.

 Under African Skies

North America nebula in Cygnus
Sagittarius and Scorpius
Antares and Rho Ophiucus
A sum of 20 x 1m exposures. The North America nebula (NGC7000, centre) is a cloud of hydrogen glowing with a characteristic red colour.
A mosaic of two images, each 11 x 1m exposures. The Milky Way is brightest in the direction of the centre of our galaxy in the constellation of Sagittarius. Many dark dust lanes can be seen silhouetted against the glow from stars beyond.
A sum of 11 x 1m exposures. Antares (below right of centre) is a red giant, whereas Rho Ophiucus (above right of centre) is blue. The orange glow on the lower right edge of the image is a tree.

All astrophotography images were taken with a Nikon D200 and a Sigma 50mm f/1.4 lens. Each of the images is a sum of one-minute exposures as indicated in the captions. The camera was mounted on a motor-driven platform (which I designed and built) to track the stars as they moved slowly across the sky. See K2 star tracker for details.

Steve Barrett    November 2009


All images © Steve Barrett 2009
( except those marked with * )

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