Tsavo West National Park

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Eland at sunrise
Giraffe on walkabout
Kilimanjaro sunset

Mount Kenya National Reserve

View from Mountain Lodge
Elephant drinking
Elephants getting frisky

Samburu and Buffalo Springs National Reserves

Tawny Eagle
Grevy's zebra
Lioness hunting
Cheetah yawn
Cheetah family
Cheetah group photo
Samburu Intrepids Camp

Sweetwaters Game Reserve

Augur buzzard
Giraffe and onlooker
Butterfly of some kind
Sweetwaters Camp

Masai Mara National Reserve

Cheetah hunting
Cheetah family
Vultures circling
After feeding
Secretary Bird
Leopard resting
Siana Springs Camp
Siana Springs Camp
Curious giraffe
Lion dozing
Ruppell's Vulture
Lilac Breasted Roller
Young cheetah playing
Fastest animal on four legs
Vulture on wildebeest
Lion cub
Lioness suckling cubs
Grey-headed bush shrike
One in a million
Zebra resting
Eagle owl dozing
Thinking of a snack?
Lion cub
Robin chat

 Some panoramas...

View from Kilaguni Lodge in Tsavo West (10 mm wide angle lens)
Kilimanjaro at sunset seen from Kilaguni Lodge in Tsavo West (mosaic of 3 images)
Ghostly zebra visit the watering hole at night at Sweetwaters Camp (10 mm wide angle lens)
Oryx in Buffalo Springs National Reserve (mosaic of 4 images)
Masai Mara view (mosaic of 3 images)
Stormy sunset over the Masai Mara (mosaic of 3 images)
Waiting for the wildebeest to cross the Mara river (mosaic of 5 images)
Masai Mara view (mosaic of 8 images) -- note the line of wildebeest walking towards the top right

All wildlife images taken with a Nikon D200 digital SLR camera + Sigma 100-300mm f/4 lens

 Under African Skies

Antares and Jupiter
M6 and M7 star clusters
M8 and M20 nebulae
Milky Way mosaic
Sagittarius and Scorpius

Antares is the red giant star
below centre. Vey bright
Jupiter (top) is overexposed.

FL = 100mm. Exp = 20 x 30s.

M7 is the central star cluster
embedded in the Milky Way.
M6 is to its right.

FL = 100mm. Exp = 10 x 30s.

M8 Lagoon nebula is right of
centre and M20 Trifid nebula
is to its right.

FL = 100mm. Exp = 20 x 30s.

A mosaic of 6 images of the
region around the centre of
our Milky Way galaxy.

Click here for a
labelled image.

Astrophotography images were taken with a Nikon D200 and a Sigma 100-300mm lens. Each of the images is a sum of 30-second exposures as indicated in the captions. The camera was mounted on a motor-driven platform (which I design and built) to track the stars as they moved slowly across the sky. See K2 star tracker for details.

Steve Barrett    March 2009


All images © Steve Barrett 2007

( except those marked with * )

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