Syzygy Safari 2003

Klipspringer on lava flow

Pale Chanting Goshawk

Voyager Camp

Kilimanjaro dusk


Amboseli dusk

Thomsons gazelle

Zebra grazing

Lion on kill


Hyena hoping to steal kill

Hyena waiting... waiting...


Eagle Owls


Mara Serena Lodge

Newborn gazelle fawn

Storm brewing

Elephant after the rain

King of Beasts?

Lioness asleep

Breakfast in the wild

Fruit Bat

Cheetah on the prowl

Cheetah and gazelles

Cheetah resting

Cheetah closeup

River crossing?

To cross or not?

Cheetah walking

Cheetah passing by

Male lion

Male lion


Male lion closeup

Young lions on rock

Young lion

Lion asleep

Young lions on rock

Lion cub

Lion cubs

Proud Dad

Lioness on kill

Lioness on kill

Lioness on kill

Lioness on kill


All pictures above taken with Canon XM2 video camera

Pictures of the night sky taken with Nikon 35mm SLR camera + 24mm wide-angle lens + ISO 200 slide film


Sky from Kilaguni Lodge


Sky from Voyager Camp

Milky Way (short exp)

Milky Way (longer exp)

Sky over Ol Tukai Lodge

The constellations of Sagittarius and Scorpius fill most of the frames

Steve Barrett    November 2003

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