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What is the 'Liverpool Physics Olympics'?

The Liverpool Physics Olympics is an annual event organised by the Department of Physics at the University of Liverpool. Teams of four school students are invited to take part in a day of events that require team work, problem solving and maybe just a little physics. Although it is staged as a competition, it is designed to be fun.

What is the 'Physics Olympics World Wide'?

The Physics Olympics World Wide (POWW) is a loose association of institutions that organise Physics Olympics events on or around the same day of the year, giving the participants the opportunity to 'compete' with students around the world.

Events are staged in Liverpool (England), Yale and Richmond (USA), Perth (Australia), Darmstadt, Koln and Munchen (Germany).

When are the Liverpool Physics Olympics held?

The Liverpool Physics Olympics were staged on Saturday 9 November 2019. To register for LPO 2020, email Andy Boston.

The Winners of the Liverpool Physics Olympics 2019

Stockport Grammar School
Stockport Grammar School II
Carmel College

Access to previous LPO events (Teachers only)

If teachers would like to see the material from previous LPOs (events, Fermi Quiz questions, teams, scores) dating back to the 1990s, email Steve Barrett.

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