Aurora Borealis - Iceland 2002

Curtain forming in N

Curtain changing shape

Rays in SW

Green and red in N

Fan developing over NW horizon

Fan over NW horizon

Curtains forming in NW

Multiple bright curtain

Green and red in NW

Camera and Lens

  • Nikon FM2
  • 24 mm wide-angle lens

A mechanical camera such as the FM2 is preferred, as electronic cameras often fail when the temperature drops below freezing. The temperature on the night these pictures were taken was -5 C.

Film and Exposures

  • Fuji print film ISO 800
  • Typically 10-30 seconds at f/2.8

The structures of the curtains, fans, arcs and rays changed over time periods ranging from a few seconds to many minutes. Exposures of more than a minute would give just a blurry glow in the sky.

More aurora images taken by friends from Bromsgrove can be found on their web pages

Steve Barrett    February 2003

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