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'UK Fundamentals for Mild Onion Production', MAFF(DEFRA)-LINK 1997 - 2001

'Garlic and Health' - the development of high quality garlic and its influence on biomarkers of atherosclerosis and cancer in humans for disease prevention. EU Framework 5: Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources, Key Action 1.3: Role of food in promoting and sustaining health.  2000 - 2004

Scientific publications about onion and garlic

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We presented some of our work at the Fourth International ISHS Symposium on Edible Alliaceae (Alliums 2004) in Beijing, 21 - 26 April 2004. This was published in 2005 in the Acta Horticulturae book series, volume 688, Proceedings of the IVth International Symposium on Edible Alliaceae,  pp. 165-172 (ed) L Guangshu

A short account of the Alliums 2004 meeting was published in 'Onion World' in July/August 2004.

Collin, HA. (2004) Garlic and cardiovascular disease. in Functional foods, diet, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. eds A Arnoldi and F Dodds. Woodhead Publishings, UK.

We presented some of our work in the 'Sulphur Metabolism in Plants - Integrating Complexity' session at the Society for Experimental Biology meeting at Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh, 29 March - 2 April 2004. An abstract of this talk was published in Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A (2004) volume 137, page S236. A review giving the background to the talk appeared in the Journal of Experimental Botany (see below).

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We presented our work at the UK Onion and Carrot Conference on 'Flavour and Health' in November 2001 and 2003. In 2001 Dr Hamish Collin spoke about 'Understanding Flavour' and we also presented a poster outlining the work on Alliums at the University of Liverpool at both conferences.

We presented our work at the 3rd International Symposium on Edible Alliaceae (Alliums2000) in Athens, Georgia, USA in November 2000.

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