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MA PhD (Cambridge)

Reader in International Business History

Since August 2002 I have been a member of the University of Liverpool Management School, having worked at Liverpool since 1973.  I was previously a member of the Department of Economic History and the Institute of Latin American Studies, and Director of the Institute between 1999 and 2001. I am also currently Joint Editor of the Journal of Latin American Studies, published by Cambridge University Press.


My current research is concentrated in three areas:

1. British Business Interests in Twentieth-Century Latin America

Research on this project has been financed by Nuffield Foundation and ESRC, and uses a combination of government and business archives and oral history.

2.  Latin American Business History

My research here complements work on British multinational firms, and that of a network of business historians in Argentina, Colombia and Peru who are attempting to advance research on the history of business in Latin America.

3. The Football Business

I am interested both in the football business in South America, and in football finance in the United Kingdom.  This research arises from my involvement in teaching on the MBA (Football Industries) programme in Liverpool



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Graham Anderson & Rory M. Miller, The Academy System in English Professional Football: Business Value or “Following the Herd”, University of Liverpool Management School, Working Paper 2011/43

David Brookfield & Rory Miller, Structured Finance and Management in the English Football Industry: The Rise and Fall of Securitisation, University of Liverpool Management School, Working Paper 2006/26


ULMS 724: Football and Finance (MBA Level)

ULMS370: The Football Business in Britain (Undergraduate Level 3)


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