Autonomic Master Controller (Loewy)

What is it?

The "paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus", sometimes referred to as the PVH. It is an area near the centre of the brain which has numerous controlling and modulating rôles over the autonomic system. It contains neurones (nerve cells) which project to the spinal cord and regulate sympathetic out flow, and also neurones which release hormones (and control hormone release).

Where is it?


Looking at the brain from a section taken perpendicularly to the above cartoon, a section from more or less under your chin to near the top of the back of your head, you hit the third ventricle (fluid filled space!!) and near the top of this is the PVN. Note that although the ears are human, this section is from a rat. Apologies to any neuroanatomists who see this, its intended for any lay surfers who drop by!