In an interesting recent paper, Kapoor et al. 2003* Show the Circle of Willis in several different species. Their key is either absent or well hidden. This may help!

  1. Rostral/anterior cerebral artery.
  2. Internal carotid artery.
  3. Rostral/anterior communicating artery.
  4. Caudal/posterior communicating artery.
  5. Caudal/posterior cerebral artery.
  6. Basilar artery.
  7. Median anterior artery.
  8. Anterior cerebellar artery.


NB., If the authors read this and feel I am in error. Sorry! Please just email me and I'll correct it!

Anatomia, Histologia, Embryologia
Volume 32 Issue 6 Page 347 - December 2003
Morphology and Comparative Anatomy of Circulus Arteriosus Cerebri in Mammals K. Kapoor, V. K. Kak and B. Singh


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