If you think I'm wrong, or you have any you can add... please just let me know! I'll add it to the table.  I will need a source however, although I haven't don it myself yet!   NB., trichromats see three colours, dichromats see two!


Apes (humans etc.,) Trichromatic. Mostly  
Old World Monkeys
eg., Mandrill
New World Monkeys Dichromatic  
Dogs red/green colour blind No time right now!
Cats poor acuity: weak trichromatism No time right now!
Hyenas dichoromatic No time right now!
Horses dichromatic No time right now!
Deer Dichromatic.  All ungulates? UV*? No time right now!
Rats have a UV cone, + an "M-cone" +rods i.e., funky dichromats? No time right now!
Guinea Pigs Dichromatic Jacobs 2003
Bats Monochromatic, but including UV... don't forget their ultrasound also!! Nature October 2003 p612-614
Birds tetrachromatic
they have a UV cone ~310nm
Dinosaurs If you see one please ask!  
Snakes ?, but nb., they can ("kind of") detect infrared.... not through the eye with photoreceptors, but with their facial pits.  
Reptiles ?  
* There is a company which says they do see UV.... but this company does sell anti-UV hunting garb!!
This page describes the color vision abilities of various species of animals, it would be tricky to find on google, however, because Americans cannot spell "colour".  I have therefore slipped their spelling ("color") in here a few times!

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