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Divisionof Orthoptics


Welcome to the web pages of the St Paul's Oculomotor Group. Based in the oculomotor labs of Dr Paul C. Knox in the Ophthalmology unit and the Division of Orthoptics in the University of Liverpool, we have a number of research projects in which we are investigating the control of eye movement and visually guided behaviour in health, ageing and disease. Details of ongoing projects and publications can be found on the appropriate pages. Please feel free to contact us with comments or questions.


New publications:
Effect of the Muller-Lyer illusion on reflexive and voluntary saccades
Effect of the Kanizsa compression illusion on saccades
Smooth pursuit and dyslexia

New grants: 

Functional neuroanatomy of oculomotor initiation.
The changing needs of people with sight loss.

International Meeting Abstracts

ARVO Annual Meeting 2006, 30th April-May 4th, Fort Lauderdale, USA
The impact of secondary auditory tasks on SITA standard perimetry in glaucoma patients and healthy controls. P.C. Knox, I.Cunningham and A.C. Fisher
A longitudinal study of vergence and anti-saccade performance in children born preter D.Newsham, P.C. Knox and R.W. I. Cooke  

36th Annual Meeting, Society for Neuroscience, 14th-18th Oct, 2006, Atlanta, USA
Into the void: the effect of stationary stimuli presented during gaps on fixation and smooth pursuit initiation P.C. Knox and V. Dwarampudi

          ARVO Annual Meeting 2007, 6th-10th May 4th, Fort Lauderdale, USA
           Spatial localisation in very low birth weight children. A.R. O'Connor, P.C. Knox, D. Newsham, V. Wong and D. Clark

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