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Algebraic Geometry, Singularities and Knot Theory

Closing Conference 18 - 22 April 2006


All talks in Room 211, Mathematics and Oceanography Building

Tuesday 18 April: normal arrival date. Talk (not part of the conference) at 16:00 by Lesya Bodnarchuk; this is the fifth and last in a series on "Classification of vector bundles on algebraic curves".

Wednesday 19 April 10:00: Peter Newstead: "A survey of coherent systems on algebraic curves"
11:00: coffee break
11:30: Carlo Madonna: "Curves and bundles on quartic threefolds"
12:30: lunch break
14:30: Aleksandr Pukhlikov: "Birational geometry of rationally connected varieties"
15:30: tea break
16:00: Klaus Linde: "Global vertex algebras on Riemann surfaces"

Thursday 20 April 10:00: Lesya Bodnarchuk: "Semistable coherent sheaves on degenerations of elliptic curves"
11:00 coffee break
11:30: Cristian Gonzalez-Martinez: "A stratification of some moduli spaces of coherent systems"
12:30: lunch break
14:30: Emmanuel Wagner: "Graph polynomial and Khovanov-Rozansky graph homology"
15:30: tea break
16:00: Stefano Pasotti and Francesco Prantil: "Holomorphic triples and coherent systems in low genera"
19:30: Conference dinner

Friday 21 April 10:00: Juan Gonzalez-Meneses: "The conjugacy problem in braid groups and Garside groups"
11:00: coffee break
11:30: Vitaliy Kurlin: "Topological approach to the conjugacy problem for braids"
12:30: lunch break
14:30: Victor Goryunov: "Complex crystallographic groups: incompleteness of Popov's classification and the first appearance in singularities"
15:30: tea break
16:00: Cristina Martinez: "Cohomology of Brill-Noether strata over Quot-schemes"

Saturday 22 April 10:00: Michal Kapustka: "Log del Pezzo surfaces of index 2"
11:00: coffee break
11:30: Grzegorz Kapustka: "Primitive contractions of Calabi-Yau three folds"
12:30: end.

Confirmed participants

Invited speakers:
J. Gonzalez-Meneses (Sevilla)

"Local" speakers:
L. Bodnarchuk
V. Kurlin
V. Goryunov
P. Newstead
A. Pukhlikov

LIMITS Fellows:
A. Besana
C. Gonzalez-Martinez
G. Kapustka
M. Kapustka
K. Linde
G. Lippner
C. Madonna
C. Martinez
S. Pasotti
F. Prantil
E. Wagner