The University of Liverpool
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Vector Bundles on Algebraic Curves - August 2005
Mathematics and Oceanography Building

There will be a period of activity for research on Vector Bundles on Algebraic Curves in Liverpool from 8 August to 8 September 2005. It forms part of the programme of the Marie Curie Training Site LIMITS. The theme will be

Coherent Systems and Brill-Noether Theory

As part of this activity, there will be a workshop in the week 15-19 August. The talks will take place in

Room 211, Mathematics and Oceanography Building


Monday 15 August

10.00 Iwona Grzegorczyk (State University of California, Channel Islands): Introduction to Brill-Noether theory

11.30 Peter Newstead (University of Liverpool): Existence of stable coherent systems I

14.30 Cristian Gonzalez (Universidad de Salamanca): Generalized addition formulae for theta constants

Tuesday 16 August

10.00 Montserrat Teixidor i Bigas (Tufts University): Degeneration methods for coherent systems

11.30 Herbert Lange (Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg): Prym-Tyurin varieties

14.30 Cristina Martinez (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid): Some Brill-Noether loci over the space of maps from a curve to a Grassmannian

Wednesday 17 August

10.00 Peter Newstead (University of Liverpool): Existence of stable coherent systems II

11.30 Angela Ortega (UNAM, Morelia, Mexico): Prym-Tyurin varieties coming from correspondences with fixed points

14.30 Dmitry Kerner (Tel Aviv University): Enumeration of uni-singular curves and hypersurfaces

Thursday 18 August

10.00 Oscar Garcia-Prada (CSIC, Madrid): Representations of surface groups and Higgs Bundles

11.30 Abel Castorena (UNAM, Morelia, Mexico): A family of plane curves with moduli 3g-4 in low genus

14.30 Peter Newstead (University of Liverpool): Existence of stable coherent systems III

Friday 19 August

10.00 Ivan Kausz (Universitat Regensburg): Torus bundles on nodal curves

11.30 Slava Nikulin (University of Liverpool): On correspondences of a K3 surface with itself via a general Mukai vector

Room 604 (Penthouse) is available as a discussion room throughout the period.

All are welcome; please contact Peter Newstead ( if you want to come. Unfortunately we have no funds for support other than those already promised.