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Avian Infectious Diseases

The University of Liverpool Veterinary School is the only UK veterinary school with a specialist group in avian infectious disease. The group developed in the mid-1960s under the direction of Dr F. Jordan who created a unit specialising in infectious disease of poultry, based in a specially-designed building at the Veterinary Field Station at Leahurst. The group is now led by Dr Richard Jones and Dr JM Bradbury.

The interests of the poultry disease group over a number of years have centred on respiratory and locomotory disorders of an infectious nature. These conditions cause large-scale economic losses but their aetiology is often complex and may involve viruses, mycoplasmas and bacteria as well as environmental and other factors. Dr Jones and his team have been involved primarily in avian virology and have a particular interest in turkey rhinotracheitis virus, infectious bronchitis virus and reovirus infections. Drs Bradbury and Jordan and co-workers have focused on the avian mycoplasmas although there is considerable collaboration between the virus and mycoplasma groups, as indicated by their many joint publications, particularly those on infectious laryngotracheitis virus.

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