Royal Astronomical Society / British Geophysical Association
Discussion Meeting - 9th October 2009

The Geomagnetic Field: Preparing for the Swarm Multi-Satellite Mission

Royal Astronomical Society Lecture Theatre
Burlington House
London, UK


This meeting focused on the upcoming ESA Swarm mission, which has the primary aims to map the near-Earth geomagnetic field, the lithospheric surface field contributions, and the external ionospheric/magnetospheric current systems. It brought together workers from all areas of UK geomagnetic interest to examine the scientific opportunities and challenges of the unique 3-satellite configuration.

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Invited Speakers

Dr. Roger Haagmans (ESA)
Prof. Nils Olsen (DTU Space)
Prof. Hermann Lühr (GFZ Potsdam)
Dr. Gernot Plank (ESA)

Schedule and Talk Abstracts

The abstract book including the list of talks is available here.

Funding Discussions

Members of the GEOSPACE consortium have been in discussions with the National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO) concerning possible long-term funding of Swarm-related science, and also other topics of interest related to geomagnetic Earth observation and hazard (particularly space weather). Our initial position document was received positively. At the meeting (and afterwards), discussion was broadly (but not completely) supportative of a community application to NCEO; the development of a bid is ongoing.


PDFs of the talks given are available through the following links:
  • Swarm: the Earth's Magnetic Field and Environment Explorers, Roger Haagmans, ESA
  • Achievements in Characterising Ionospheric and Magnetospheric Fields, Hermann Lühr, GFZ Potsdam.
  • Geomagnetic Field Modelling Lessons learned from Ørsted and CHAMP and prospects for Swarm, Nils Olsen, DTU Space, Copenhagen.
  • Opportunities for the joint analysis of Swarm and SuperDARN measurements of ionospheric electric fields, Adrian Grocott, University of Leicester
  • Modelling the Ionospheric Current System with General Circulation Models Tim Spain, UCL.
  • Can we use space magnetometer data in operational ionospheric models? Mike Hapgood, RAL.
  • Swarm Ground Segment and Data Products, Gernot Plank, ESA/ESTEC.
  • Swarm Cluster: Highlights and Case for Extension, Andrew Fazakerley, UCL.


  • Richard Holme (holme@liv.ac.uk)
  • Malcolm Dunlop (malcolm.dunlop@stfc.ac.uk)
  • Kathy Whaler (kathy.whaler@ed.ac.uk)