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  • Local U.K. Astronomical Society Web Sites

  • Aberdeen and District Astronomical Society.
    Abington Astronomical Society
    Altrincham & District Astronomical Society.
    Andover Astronomical Society.
    Association in Scotland TO Research into Astronautics - (A.S.T.R.A.)
    Association of Falkirk Astronomers.
    Astronomical Society of Edinburgh
    Astronomical Societies in Wales.
    The Astronomy Centre A.C. Todmorden, Lancs.
    Ayshire Astronomical Society
    Bath Astrosoc - University of Bath Astronomical Society.
    Beckington Astronomical Society.
    Bedford Astronomical Society.
    Birmingham Astronomical Society
    Birmingham University Astronomical Society
    Bolton Astronomical Society.
    BLAS - Blackburn Leisure Astronomy Section.
    Blackpool Astronomical Society.
    Bridgend Astronomical Society. (Wales)
    Bristol Astronomical Society.
    Brighton and Hove Astronomical Society.
    Cambridge Astronomical Association.
    Cambridge University Astronomical Society.
    Cardiff Astronomical Society.
    Castle Point Astronomy Club. (South-East Essex).
    Chesterfield Astronomical Society.
    Chester Astronomical Society.
    Cleveland & Darlington Astronomical Society.
    Cockermouth Astronomical Society. (Cumbria).
    Cotswold Astronomical Society.
    Coventry & Warwickshire Astronomical Society.
    Croydon Astronomical Society
    Derby & District Astronomical Society.
    DERA Astronomical Society. (Farnborough, Hampshire).
    Devon Astronomical Association.
    ERA - East Riding Astronomers.
    East Sussex Astronomical Society.
    Exeter Astronomical Society.
    Fedration of Astronomical Societies. (FAS)
    Furness Astronomical Society.
    Guilford Astronomical Society.
    Guernesy Astronomical Society.
    Gwynedd Astronomical Society(North Wales).
    Hampshire Astronomical Group.
    Harrogate Astronomical Society.
    Hartlepool Astronomical Society.
    Heart of England Astronomical Society.
    Havering Astronomical Society. Essex area.
    Highland Astronomical Society.
    Hull Astronomical Society.
    The Isle of Man Astronomical Society.
    Leicester University Astronomy Society.
    Leicester Astronomical Society.
    Leeds Astronomical Society.
    Llandrillo College And Coastal Astronomy Society.(North Wales)
    Newbury Amateur Astronomical Society.
    Macclesfield Astronomical Society.
    Maidstone Astronomical Society.
    Letchworth & District Astronomical Society.
    Macclesfield Astronomical Society.
    Manchester Astronomical Society
    Mansfield and Sutton Astronomical Society.
    Midlands Spaceflight Society.
    Mid-Kent Astronomical Society.
    Astronomy Section - Northamptonshire Natural History Society.
    The North West group of Astronomical Societies.(NWGAS)
    Norwich Astronomical Society.
    Orwell Astronomical Society. (Ipswich area)
    Oxford Space & Astronomy Society.
    Pendle Astronomical Society. (East Lancashire).
    Preston & District Astronomical Society.
    Plymouth Astronomical Society
    Reading Astronomical Society.
    Renfrewshire Astronomical Society.
    Salford Astronomical Society.
    Scottish Astronomer's Group.
    Sheffield Astronomical Society.
    The Shropshire Astronomical Society
    Solent Amateur Astronomers Society.
    Southern Area Group of Astronomical Societies
    Southampton Astronomical Society.
    South Downs Astronomical Society
    South East Kent Astronomical Society
    South Cheshire Astronomical Group.
    South Shields Astronomical Society.
    Southport Astronomical Society.
    St Andrews University Astronomy Society.
    Stratford upon Avon Astronomical Society
    Swansea Astronomical Society
    Tavistock Astronomical Society.
    Tiverton Astronomical Society
    Wadhurst Astronomical Society.(East Sussex)
    Walsall Astronomical Society
    Welsh Border Astronomers
    Wessex Astronomical Society.
    West of London Astronomical Society.
    West Midlands Federation of Astronomical Societies.
    West Yorkshire Astronomical Society.(WYAS)
    Wiltshire Astronomical Society.
    Wolverhampton Astronomical Society.
    Worthing Astronomical Society.
    Wycombe Astronomical Society
    York Astronomical Society.

  • National U.K. Astronomical Web Sites

  • The British Interplanetary Society. (BIS)
    Association for Astronomy Education.
    The British Astronomical Association(BAA)
    The Federation of Astronomical Societies.(FAS)
    Royal Astronomical Society (RAS).
    The Society for Popular Astronomy.(SPA)
    The Webb Society
    The Astronomer (TA)
    UK Amateur Astronomy Pages Many more sites.
    UKSEDS (UK Students for Exploration & Development of Space).
    EARTH and SKY - Supplier of new astronomy books.
    The Salopian Web. Many Other Astro Web Links Here.

  • International Astronomical Web Sites

  • SkyWatch Astronomy Links
    The Dublin Night Sky Observer.(Maintained by Gary Nugent).
    NASA's Life on Mars Homepage.
    The International Supernova Network.(Italy)
    The International Occultation Timing Association HomePage.
    The American Association of Variable Star Observers, (AAVSO).
    Aurora Information & Sightings.
    The International Meteor Organization, (Germany).
    IAU Meteor Pages
    Notilucent Cloud WWW page.
    The Lure of Lunar Domes, by George Rosenberg.
    Messier Objects database at SEDS.
    The Lunar & Planetary Institute.
    Searching for Extrasolar Planets.
    The International Dark-Sky Association, (Light Pollution).
    Arp's Catalog of Peculiar Galaxies.
    Jerry Lodriguss - Astrophotography/CCD Imagery.
    Jason Ware Galaxy Photo Page.
    Chuck Vaughn's Astronomy Page.
    Richard Evans's Lunar Home Page.
    Mel Bartels HomePage.
    Mike McCall's Amateur Astronomy Online.
    Dan Murray's Astronomy Page.
    Izzy's Skylog Page (Ken White).
    Prairie Astronomy Club.
    Space Environment Center (Solar Observations).
    The Science of Astronomy Home Page.
    The Hipparcos Star Catalogue.
    Space.Com Science & Astronomy Page.
    The Millenium Star Atlas S&T.
    The Wollongong Amateur Astronomy Club, (WAAC's) N.S.W. Australia.

  • U.K. University Astronomy Groups

    Cambridge University.
    Glasgow University.
    Imperial College, University of London.
    The University of Birmingham.
    The University of Bradford.
    The University of Edinburgh.
    The University of Leeds.
    The University of Leicester.
    Liverpool John Moores University.
    The University of Manchester.
    The Open University.
    Oxford University.
    The University of Southampton.
    Cardiff University of Wales.
    The University of wales Swansea.
    UMIST - Manchester.

  • Observatories and Telescopes

    The Bradford Robotic Telescope. (U.K.)
    Big Bear Solar Observatory.
    Mauna Kea Observatories Hawaii.
    Mount Wilson Observatory.
    Anglo-Australian Observatory (AAO Australia).
    The William Herschel telescope, La Palma, Canary Islands.
    Palomar Observatory, Mount Hopkins, Arizona.
    The Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles.
    Pic du Midi Observatory, France.

  • Astronomy Media

    Astronomy Now Magazine.
    Popular Astronomy Magazine Publication of (SPA)
    The Journal of the British Astronomical Association.
    Sky Online Sky Publishing Corporation (Sky & Telescope & CCD Astronomy)
    Astronomy Magazine Kalmbach Publishing Co.
    Aviation & Space Technology Week. News on manned/unmanned Spaceflight.
    New Scientist Magazine
    BBC World Service Radio Seeing Stars program, presented by Robin Scagell.
    COELUM Astronomical Italian Magazine. Astrophotos from around the world.

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