Cubbin's Green (Wirral Way): Flowers

Cubbin's Green and the area of the Wirral Way adjacent to it has several different types of land: sea-facing cliff; grassland on cliff top; shrubs; woods; hedgerows.

image of boulder clay cliff bottom after a land slide.
Those marked C are found on the exposed cliff and cliff top. List organised by date of appearance. Many are garden escapes. See also trees and shrubs.

I am not a botanist - so rely on texts such as The Wild Flower Key by Francis Rose (rev Clare O'Reilly 2006); Wild Flowers of Britain by Roger Phillips 1994 and the excellent web-site Wild flower finder (which is based in NW England).

I have seen reports that the Bee Orchid has been known to appear on the Dee cliffs - but I have not seen any sign of it in the area I cover.

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List of flowers still present in November:
bramble, gorse, yarrow, black-nightshade, oxeye-daisy, ragwort, mallow, daisy, dandelion, birds-foot-trefoil, knapweed
herb-robert, periwinkle, honey-suckle, bindweed, smooth-hawksbeard, hogweed, red campion

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