Commandant Bultinck lost 1929

Steam Fishing Trawler, built Smith's Dock, Stockton 1911
220 grt, 85 nrt, 117 x 22 ft, 71 nhp.
ex-Marloes: First owner Milford Haven (M76), then requisitioned as minesweeper 1914-8
Then owned Fleetwood (FD170) and finally Cie Belge de Pecheries Maritimes, Ostend (O177).
Captain Gerrard Vandenbergen and 8 crew saved, 3 lost.
Returning from herring fishing off Isle of Man, aground on Rossall Beach 2 Oct 1929
Location (aproximately) 53°53.555N, 3°2.912W.
Broken up in situ.

Information mainly from Lancashire Evening Post (Thursday 3 and Friday 4 Oct 1929).

  Reports of a Belgian trawler (Commandant Bultinck) making for Fleetwood being in trouble came from passengers on a tramcar who saw (and heard) her distress signals on Rossall beach and from another Belgian trawler (Tanganyika) which had been coming in to Fleetwood at the same time. The weather was awful - 80 mph winds, sleet and lightning. On hearing the news at about 11pm, the Fleetwood harbourmaster proceeded to the scene. The lifeboat headquarters at Blackpool fired their maroon and sent their lifeboat pulled by horses along the road several miles north towards the wreck. A large crowd followed the lifeboat along. The harbourmaster then advised the lifeboats that their services would not be needed - as the wreck was in very shallow water in big waves. The Fleetwood life-boat crew stood by until 4am, in case their services would be needed.
  The Piel lifeboat was also out that night, but was unable to get close to the wreck. She did search for bodies and then returned to shelter at Fleetwood.
  The onlookers felt helpless - as they saw waves crash over the trawler, which lay broadside to the shore, and cover the crew who were hanging on to the sloping deck. The mate (Celestine Tratsaert (23)) attempted to make for the shore, with a life-belt on and a rope that could be used to rescue them. He was washed under the vessel and not seen again. Eventually the rocket apparatus sent by the Blackpool lifeboat coxswain arrived, but it was found impossible to make use of it.
  There were two apprentices on board, and the captain's greatest anxiety was on their behalf. Protected by lifebelts, one of the apprentices, a lad (Willie Van Yper (17)), jumped together with the boatswain (Pieter Luyens(24)) who had been sent to look after him. It was only about 50 ft to the shore. It was proposed if the couple got safely to shore to send the other apprentice in the same way. They were watched by the anxious crowd as they struggled gamely the raging seas, and then, just as suddenly, they also disappeared and were not seen again.
  One of the teachers at Rossall School (nearby) knew some Flemish and that helped them to communicate by megaphone with the crew who did not speak English. The crew, after seeing 3 of their companions lost, were reluctant to enter the water. Eventually, as the tide ceased to rise, rescuers were able to get close to the wreck - to assist the men ashore. A big part was played by Mr. Richard Wright, the 24-year old son of Mr. Wright, coxswain of the Fleetwood lifeboat. He had just returned from a prawn fishing expedition - and, on arrival at the shore, saw about 5 crew members hanging on, helplessly. Shortly after midnight, there was a lull in the weather, and he got nearly to the side of the ship, where despite being up to his waist in water, he was able to catch the men as they jumped off. One man (Victor Brys, the 21-year-old trimmer) was lightly dressed and had his arm damaged, so he was in a poor state when brought ashore - he was taken to the infirmary at Rossall School - and eventually resuscitated.
  The wreck occurred just some 50 yards south of a breakwater - if she would have struck that, their fate would have been much worse. The location is a little way south of Rossall School near sand dunes.
  Nine men were rescued - and taken to the Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen's Hostel at Fleetwood. The wreck was quite dry at low water, so many sightseers came on the next morning to view the spectacle. Debris was strewn around. The fish catch was not rescuable - any ice having been washed out with seawater. In subsequent days, it became clear that, even after lightening the wreck by cutting holes in it, the wreck was not going to be refloated and a contract was signed with a Bradford Company to break it up as it lies.

Commandant Bultinck (O177) ashore at Rossall

Crew lost (names as reported in Lancashire papers, then as on Belgian FV web-site):
Celestine Tratsaert (23); CAMIEL TRATSAERT
Pieter Luyens(24); PIERRE LUYENS
Willie Van Yper (17); WILLY VAN YPER