Wooden paddle steamer Finn MacCoull, built Charles Wood, Dumbarton, 1838
244 tons, 141 ft long, engines 200hp.
Owned Dundalk Steam Packet Co. until 1845, then Kirkcudbright
Voyage Liverpool to Youghal with cargo including Indian corn and 37 passengers
Captain Gellathy[or Gellatly]. Struck near Tuskar Rock on 30th June 1848.
Passengers and crew taken in ship's boats to Tuskar Rock

From Cork Examiner - Wednesday 05 July 1848
  Wreck of the Finn M'Coull [many different spellings of name]. We regret to have to announce the total wreck of the coasting steamer Finn M'Coull, which was formerly on the Port Carlisle and Belfast station, but which has latterly plied between this port[Liverpool] and Youghal. She left here on Thursday, with general cargo, and about twenty or thirty passengers; and the same day the William Penn, bound to Waterford, observed her in a disabled condition, off Tuskar, with her boats alongside. A heavy gale was blowing, and she had struck, it would appear, upon a sunken rock. There is every reason to suppose the whole of the crew and passengers were saved, as on the return of the William Penn, on the following day, tents, as if for temporary shelter, were seen upon Tuskar, and boats drawn up on the beach. The stern only of the unfortunate vessel was then visible - Liverpool Albion.

From Wexford Independent, Wednesday 12 July 1848
  WRECK SALE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, (On account of whom it may concern), ON WEDNESDAY, 12th INST., THIS DAY AT MR. HARPER'S YARD, crescent-quay,[Wexford]
  THREE BOATS, Hawser, 5 Sails, 1 Binnacle, 1 Wheel, 8 Chains, 2 Pier Glasses, several Mattrasses, Pillows, Beds, Clothes, etc., etc., and about 50 barrels of Indian Corn, saved from the Steamer, Fin Mac Cool, Gallathy, Master, wrecked at Tuskar. Sale to commence 11 o'clock.

From Wexford Independent - Saturday 22 July 1848
  GOVERNMENT INQUIRY INTO STEAM VESSEL ACCIDENTS. Captain Denham, R.N., F.R.S. has arrived Wexford and opened his Commission, under the Lords' Committee of Privy Council, to investigate the cause of the recent loss of the Steamer "Finn MacCoull" off this Coast. Captain Denham is at White's Hotel, when not surveying the Tuskar Region, the locality of the wreck in question.

[from Govt. papers]: The report by Captain Denham states that the chart of the area around Tuskar Rock used by the Captain was out of date - and did not show the rock [known as Gipsey Rock] with which she collided. However, the captain had only very limited experience of pilotage in that area - and should not have taken the inner route past Tuskar.

Some Previous accidents: May 1845; When PS Finn MacCoull was leaving Garlieston (enroute from Wigtown to Liverpool) her boiler exploded and two men were killed and several seriously injured.

Carlisle Journal - Friday 25 February 1848
  Accident to the Finn MacCoull: The steamer Finn MacCoull, which plies between Kirkcudbright aud Liverpool, left the former port on her trip southwards, about three o'clock Saturday week, with a numerous complement of passengers, and a large cargo of goods. When off the Ross, about five o'clock, one of the cranks in her machinery gave way, and occasioned no small alarm. Part of the deck, we understand, was considerably damaged by the shock, and the engineer was slightly injured. An anchor was hove out, and those of the passengers who wished were put on shore, and the vessel returned with the tide to Kirkcudbright, where she landed her stock safety. She will, we believe, be repaired at Liverpool, and resume her duties with the least possible delay. - Dumfries Courier