Paddle steamer Elk, iron, built Denny, Dumbarton, 1853
548 grt; 351 nrt; 208 x 23 x 13 ft.
Engine builder: James & George Thomson, Govan
Owned Glasgow & Belfast Steam Packet Co.
Voyage Glasgow to Belfast
7 June 1859; aground in fog Belfast Lough (Ballymacormick Point)
Captain Alexander McQueen, 25 crew and 80 passengers all saved
Vessel sold in situ and broken up.

Model (from Scottish Maritime Museum) of P. S. Elk.

From Greenock Telegraph and Clyde Shipping Gazette - Thursday 23 June 1859

WRECK OF STEAMER ELK. Captain Alexander McQueen, master of the steamer Elk, reports:-
  Left Glasgow on the 6th inst., at 4.30 p.m., having on board about 80 passengers, the mails, and a general cargo; crew numbering in all 25 hands. The weather at leaving was clear and fine, the wind blowing a light breeze from the east. Proceeded on her passage satisfactorily until 1.30 a.m. of the 7th inst., the tide at the time being about three quarters flood, the weather moderate, and the wind in the eastward, light, when the ship came into a fog between Corswall and Maiden Lights. At 2.30 got lead ready for heaving. At about 2.45 directed the engineer to let the fire burn low, as unless the fog cleared away, he intended to stop the vessel. 3.5 a.m., judging the ship to be about south from Blackhead, was in the act of ordering the vessel to be stopped, when she struck on the rocks off Ballymacormick Point. It being then high water, directed the engineer to back astern, in the hopes of getting her off, but could not succeed, the ship being fast on the rocks by the head; sounded the pumps, and found the ship making water in the fore compartment. Then proceeded to land the passengers and mails, and sent to Belfast for assistance. In the course of the day a steam-tug arrived alongside with lighters, when all the cargo, with the exception of a few bales of cement, was placed in the lighters and conveyed to Belfast. The only portions found to be damaged were 25 casks of sugar, 15 bales of flax, and a few other articles.
  The Elk parted on Wednesday forenoon at the fore bulkhead of the engine compartment, and is now a total wreck. The greater part of the materials are landed, and the remainder will be saved in a few days.

A subsequent BOT inquiry found Captain McQueen responsible for the wreck by proceeding too fast and without using the lead.

Northern Whig - Wednesday 13 July 1859
The Subscribers will Sell, WEDNESDAY, the 20th instant, commencing at TWELVE precisely, in Messrs. G. &. J. Burn's Stores, No. 85, CLYDE STREET Broomielaw.
AN IMMENSE QUANTITY OF THE MATERIAL saved from the Wreck, comprising the Working Parts of the Engines, Brasses, Anchors, Chains, Davits, Winches, Capstans, Boats, Gins, Standing and Running Rigging, Copper Steam Pipes, Brass, Iron, Lead, Galley. Cooking Utensils, etc. Also, the whole of the CABIN FURNITURE and FITTINGS, consisting of Bedding, Sofas, Cushions, Tables, Carpets, Silver Plate, Crockery, etc.
For further particulars, apply to A. G. S. M'CULLOCH, Belfast; or, to AITKEN & BIRRELL, Salvage Agents, 77, St. Vincent Street, Glasgow.
J. SOMERVILLE & CO., Auctioneers, Glasgow, July, 1859.
Catalogues to be had on application ten days prior to Sale, and the whole will be on View each day between the hours of Twelve and Two, on 18th and 19th inst.

Northern Whig - Thursday 16 June 1859
There will be Sold by Public AUCTION, at GROOMSPORT, Belfast Lough, WEDNESDAY, 22d inst., at TWO clock.
THE WRECK OF THE Steamer ELK of Glasgow.
Consisting of the HULL and MACHINERY, etc. as on the Rocks at Ballycormack Point.
The Elk was built at Dumbarton, 1853, and is 548 Tons Builder's Measurement, and 240-Horse Power.
For particulars, apply to Mr. A. G. S. M'CULLOCH, Belfast; or, at the Wreck, to Mr. JOHN WIELD, Agent for the Underwriters. Terms - CASH.
Belfast, June 16, 1859.

The engine components were reported as bought by Glasgow interests, whereas the iron hull (now in 2 parts) was taken to Belfast in an attempt (failed) to rebuild the hull.