Ceylon lost 1901

The wooden sailing flat CEYLON (built Northwich 1868, ketch-rigged, 50 tons net, ON 58910, owned Ridgeway of Sankey Bridges, Captain J Plumpton, 3 crew) was wrecked 17 Dec 1901 on West Hoyle Bank carrying iron and scrap from Port Dinorwic to Liverpool. She became stranded in a WNW force 8 gale and broke up. The Point of Ayr Lifeboat was called out but the flat had sunk and there was no trace of the crew (who had landed at Mostyn in their own boat).

Lloyd's List 18 December 1901:
Liverpool, Dec. 18, 10:10 a.m. - A two-masted flat sunk on West Hoyle Bank 135 per chart, Voel Nant 8:30.
Hoylake Dec. 18, 11 10 a.m. - Sailing flat stranded on West Hoyle Bank, Liverpool Bar, 36 by chart [sic, typo for 136?]. Hilbre lifeboat launched; proceeding to her assistance.

Lloyd's List Friday 20 December 1901:
CEYLON Mostyn Dec. 18. - The ketch Ceylon, of Liverpool, Plumpton, from Port Dinorwic for Widnes, with scrap iron, stranded last evening on West Hoyle. Crew landed here.

Crewe Guardian Wed. 25 December 1901:
Some doubt and mystery, as well as anxiety, has prevailed with regard to the escape of the crew of the flat which was sunk the other day on West Hoyle Bank. It was known that the men had escaped in their own boat, but where they had gone was not ascertained. In the absense of news, especially as the men did not turn up at the Sailors' Home, it was assumed that they had escaped on a passing vessel. Yesterday afternoon, it was officially ascertained that the men had, after considerable beating about, landed at Mostyn from their own boat. The name of the sunken flat was the Ceylon of Liverpool, owned by Clare and Ridgeway of Warrington of fifty tons burthen. She had a cargo of scrap iron on board.

A possible location of this wreck is that described in Wrecks of Liverpool Bay Volume II on page 85 (Unknown: Debris). This wreckage is of a wooden-hulled vessel with a small amount of jumbled metal debris.
  Some divers have suggested that this wreck site may be the remains, after salvage, of the PS Lord Blayney.

Location is 53°23.754N, 3°26.609 W.
Note that the reported location "135 per chart" of the stranding of the Ceylon is about 1-2 miles SE from the location of this wreckage.

Image of seabed (depths in metres below CD).

In 2019 another site nearby was identified by a survey: this is 65 metres north. It does exist and I surveyed it in 2019.
Image showing both areas of wreckage:

This second site is reported by divers to be a pile of stones.