MARLIN trip to Rathlin 2004

11 August: from Liverpool Marina 8.20, dive Nydia on route, then to Port Erin 9.30pm. Chinese and beer before mooring to visitors buoy in Port Erin overnight.

12 August: Dive Chicken Rock

Chicken Rock

then near Stack

Seal underwater

Wrasse underwater

then onto Northern Ireland. Dive near Skull Martin (viz awful) thence to Carrigfergus Marina

13 August: leave Carrigfergus after fuelling 10.30. To Rathlin - dive wall then tie alongside in Church Bay.

Cliffs at Rathlin

Church Bay harbour

some underwater images

Rathlin wall

Rathlin wall

14 August: Dive wall, fill cylinders aboard, then dive HMS Drake. Ashore for an early meal then off 5pm, arriving in Peel 01.00. Berth alongside outer harbour wall overnight.

15 August: off 9.20 to Calf Sound (dive Clan MacMaster). Then on towards Liverpool, diving Ben Cruachan. Arrive in Mersey 23.00, too late to enter marina lock, so tie up (with difficulty) to a mooring buoy off Tranmere.

16 August: into marina 10.30am.