MARLIN trip to Morecambe Bay 2012

12 June: Liverpool to Morecambe Bay, arriving near LW (neaps). Plan to visit Morecambe on the rising tide, following Grange then Kent channels. Run out of depth in Grange channel -- chart is inaccurate.

Chart (as of 2011) of Clark Wharf and Grange Channel is based on a 1965-9 survey. So is out of date.

Retreat back then enter channel to Heysham (buoyed). Visit Old Heysham (NW 3 so choppy and decide not to land). Attempts to pass to Morecambe around half tide again frustrated.

Subsequent advice from local yacht club MHYC is to only attempt to reach Morecambe after HW-2 and before HW.

Proceed to Fleetwood Dock Marina. Since neap tide (7.5m Liverpool HW) gate opened HW-1 hr 20' for free flow. Collect key from can suspended from fishing rod by lock-keeper in entrance.

Getting into Fleetwood town on foot from the marina is circuitous. One option is to enter Fleetwood Freeport (shopping outlet mall) and pass through it.

13 June. Leave Fleetwod Marina after visiting office to pay at 8am. After some wreck exploration and a bit of mackerel fishing in calm weather, arrive Liverpool Marina 6pm.

Heysham nuclear power station, Fleetwood marina, Wyre lighthouse.