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Mathematical Sciences / Medical Imaging / Biocomplexity > The First Multidisciplinary Workshop on Image Processing Techniques and Applications

The First Multidisciplinary Workshop on Image Processing Techniques and Applications

This is a multidisciplinary workshop aiming
- to promote mutual understanding of researchers in different disciplines, and networking;
- to inform the state-of-the-art in image processing models, methods, techniques and commercial software packages;
- to facilitate future research development and collaborations;
- to tackle existing and emerging image challenges.

Wednesday, 28th November 2007: Venue = Math Sciences Building.             The Second Workshop (2011)

Organisers: Ke Chen (Math Sciences), Colin baker (Health Sciences) and Andrew Cossins (Bio Sciences)

Programme     (or in PDF) -- NB. Registration is closed - pls contact Lesley if U want to come...
Abstracts       (in PDF)

List of Speakers: (Confirmed)

How to get here

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External Image Processing Research Groups

Cambridge MS,

Liverpool Image Processing Research Groups

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•→ Mariarc, Medicine,
•→ Biocomplexity and Cell Imaging, Biosciences,
•→ Radiotherapy, Medicine,
•→ Centre for Intelligent Monitoring Systems,
•→ Computational Mathematics Group

External Imaging R&D at Hospitals

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•→ Clatterbridge, Wirral
•→ Christie Hospital, Manchester,
•→ Guy and St Thomas Hospital, London,
•→ Walton Centre for Neurology & Neurosurgery

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