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Computational Mathematics Research Group (some photos)
Liverpool: Prof Ke Chen, Dr Brian Doman, Dr Martyn D Hughes, Dr Yalin Zheng,
                Mr Bryan Williams, Ms Lavdie Rada
Dalian: Mr Jianping Zhang, Ms Fenlin Yang and Ms Jin Zhang, Prof Bo Yu

Recent members: Dr Jon Gibson, Dr Andy Sunderland, Dr Judy M Ford, Dr Stuart Hawkins, Dr Anwar Hussein,
Dr Kamal Shaanazari, Miss Q Xie, Dr Joe Savage, Dr Noor Badshah, Dr Carlos Brito, Dr Noppadol Chumchob

Seminar links: at Maths/Liverpool :: Biocs/Liverpool :: Maths/Manchester :: POL/Liverpool :: Maths/Chester

Recent PhD Thesis (from CMIT --- see also our Publications):
        2006 --- Fast iterative methods for solving large systems arising from variational models in image processing
                        by Dr Joe Savage
        2008 --- Fast Iterative Methods for Variational Models in Image Segmentation
                        by Dr Noor Badshah
        2010 --- Fast Numerical Algorithms for High Order Partial Differential Equations with Applications to Image Restoration Techniques
                        by Dr Carlos Francisco Brito Loeza
        2010 --- A Study of Effective Variational Models and Efficient Numerical Methods for Image Registration
                        by Dr Noppadol Chumchob
        2012 --- Some Effective Numerical Methods for High Order Variational Models for Image Restoration
                        by Fenlin Yang
        2012 --- PDE-based Image Segmentation and Image Denoising
                        by Jianping Zhang

Computational Mathematics Research Group is one of the most active research groups.
Through CMIT, all research projects within the group are directly linked to an external institution
(local hospitals, NHS centres, other sciences' departments).
We carry out research work in several aspects relating to the development of new and novel
♦ Effective Variational Models and Efficient Numerical Methods for Solving Inverse Problems

Related to the above topic, several fields are studied

and examples of a PhD project are           covering various modern models and new tasks from High Resolution Image Processing (essentially we solve nonlinear partial differential equations and nonlinear optimization) and collaborations through the Centre for Mathematical Imaging Techniques. Other recent interests include
  • R1. Iterative Methods for Solving Linear Systems and Related Problems
  • R2. Numerical Solution of Boundary Integral Equations and Related Problems
  • R3. Parallel Scientific Computing
  • R4. Adaptive Solution of Differential Equations
  • R5. Novel mesoscale particle modelling methods for fluids
  • R6. Bifurcation Methods for Nonlinear Power Equations

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    Recent PhD Thesis from CMIT: