Many colleagues have generously put their teaching materials (lecture notes etc) on the WEB.
Most of these are excellent.                 (Jan 2023)

  1. Online and Interative Maths/Stats/Programming
    Interactive equation solving     • Interactive Linear Algebra     • Math and Stats Calculators     • Python Learning, Pytorch in 60 mins
    Wolfram Alpha for Advanced Students     • Octave Guide 2020 (free and Matlab like)     • Short Octive
  2. Great Saylor.Org (Maths) , Superb List of Maths eBooks as well as Various lectures.
  3. Deep Learning: Online DL Book (free and great),   MIT Courses, Pytorch in 60 Mins and Machine Learning. And of course watch YouTube e.g. Numerical PDEs(MIT) or Nonlinear Programming
  4. Applied Mathematics Books (Excellent) by Prof John H. Heinbockel (Old Dominion University, USA)
  5. Introduction to Real Analysis (Excellent) by Prof W F Trench (Trinity University, USA)
  6. Mathematical Methods for Economic Theory (Excellent) by Prof M J Osborne
  7. Finite Element Methods - lecture notes (University of Colorado at Boulder, USA). FEM theory (on Youtube)
  8. Differential Geometry:     ETH lecture notes,   Principal Curvatures,   Mean Curvatures or   Curvatures in One Doc
  9. Linear Methods of Applied Mathematics: Orthogonal series, boundary-value problems, and integral operators by Evans M. Harrell II and James V. Herod.
  10. Engineering Math:
  11. Fast Fourier Transforms: Lectures on Image processing, and Digital Signal Processing (book)
  12. Introduction to Applied and Pure Mathematics
  13. Numerical Recipes (the full book plus programs in C and Fortran)
  14. Introduction to Numerical Methods
  15. Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations (online)
  16. Linear Optimisation and Numerical Analysis ,     Nonlinear Optimisation:         Lagrangian Duality and Convex Optimization,         Backpropagation in Neural Networks
  17. History of Mathematics and Lecture Notes
  18. Computing: HPC Computing,   Intro to Maple,   Learn LateX in 30 mins,   Colourful LaTeX,   LaTeX guide + LaTeX color/graphs + A Beginner's Guide to Matlab
  19. Partial Differential Equations
  20. Applied Maths - PDE's and Integral Equations
  21. Functional Analysis
  22. How to present a short talk. See also Thurston's wisdom + Career in Maths
  23. Computer Science Tutorials and IT Skills
    Programming: Microsoft Excel Tutorial, Advanced excel, WallStreetMojo Tutorial, Deep Learning in MATLAB, IT Programming, Fortran Tutorials, MPI Fortran guide and Excellent MPI red book + Learn Unix in 10 mins
    Python For Beginners         Julia for Beginners         C         C++         Fortran 90         Parallel programming         Computer Programs (Book)
  24. Books to preview and buy: A First Course in NS of DEs by A Iserles (2009), CUP                         Online Unit Converter + Time Zones
  25. Nice URL clean (for google searches)

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Special thanks to colleagues who suggest new pointers or fix old links:
including Andrew Stacy