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Department of Mathematical Sciences

Service Teaching Handbook

This handbook aims to make available a single source of information for teaching quality control and improvement for all service modules provided by the Department of Mathematical Sciences for the following departments:
Department of Chemistry: Arrangements
Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences: Arrangements
Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics: Arrangements
Department of Engineering: Arrangements
The Management School: Arrangements
Department of Physics: Arrangements
School of Psychology: Arrangements
The document is hoped to save time (through effective use of the first contact as identified in each department) and hence to achieve efficiency in dealing with teaching matters such as
  → report of poor attendance of lectures;
  → confirmation of class lists;
  → coordination of examination marks and scaling;
  → general enquires and various suggestions and complaints.
Therefore there should be less emails and more effective communications among departments.                                                                        Updated on 12 Sept 2008
Maintained by and any comments to: the Director of Service Teaching        

For other matters in DMS, contact/check:                                
the Board of Studies in Mathematical Sciences: Email,   Home page and [Tel 44046]
the Maths timetable and Past exam papers
the Mathematical Sciences' Departmental Administrator: Lisbeth Baron [Tel 44756]
the Head of Department: Prof Alan C Irving [Tel 43772]