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Recent advances in image processing hardware and software as well as in wider use of imaging technology have led to an explosive growth in the interdisciplinary field of imaging science. To meet the demands from applications on high resolution and reliable analysis tools, increasingly sophisticated mathematical models and theories emerge.

The Centre for Mathematical Imaging Techniques (CMIT) views the development of mathematical techniques as a key for imaging science. Relevant to the University of Liverpool and its associated institutions, the ambitious objectives of CMIT are three fold
(1) To highlight the University research strengths in Imaging Techniques, Technologies and Applications;
(2) To promote research and development of mathematical imaging techniques at research frontiers of various application disciplines;
(3) To facilitate the collaboration efforts of various imaging groups in developing mutually beneficial (mathematical) tools for knowledge advancement.

We strive to reach the ideal equilibrium where applied mathematicians tackle the real life cutting edge problems and scientists and engineers make use of the state-of-the-art mathematical techniques. We aim to achieve and maintain research excellence in both mathematics and sciences. This is not another research centre to provide consultancies or to encourage you to work with mathemticians only. You are welcome to approach and collaborate with any experts associated with CMIT directly or we can put you in touch with them quickly.

In the University of Liverpool and neighbouring institutions, various research units / departments / schools use and research on imaging technology; these include



★ CMIT Activities:

----------------|-------------|----------------------------------------------------- 2016 -------------------------------------------|
Workshop 11 May 16 Launch Day Event of EPSRC Liverpool Centre for Mathematics in Healthcare
Seminar 5 May 16 Shape-Based Image Reconstruction Using Linearized Deformations (Prof Chong Chen,
Chinese Academy of Sciences and KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
Discussion 29 Feb 16 Segmentation of pancreatic 3D oncology images (Prof Jorg Kleeff, Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals)
----------------|-------------|----------------------------------------------------- 2016 -------------------------------------------|

----------------|-------------|----------------------------------------------------- 2015 -------------------------------------------|
Conference 6 Jul 15 3rd CMIT Imaging Workshop : July 6-8, 2015
Seminar 6 Feb 15 Partial Differential Equations of Mixed Type: From Mechanics to Geometry (Prof Gui-Qiang G. Chen, University of Oxford)
Discussion 28 Jan 15 Medical Imaging and Computer Vision Research (Dr Timor Kadir, Mirada Medical UK, venue: CMIT)
----------------|-------------|----------------------------------------------------- 2015 -------------------------------------------|
                            cmit 2007-08 activities (Inc 1st CMIT 2007 Workshop)
                            cmit 2009 activities
                            cmit 2010 activities
                            cmit 2011 activities
                            2nd CMIT 2011 Workshop: Slides and programme and A photo of some participants (new!)
                            cmit 2012 activities
                            cmit 2013 activities
                            cmit 2014 activities
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        Prof Michael Hintermuller (Berlin), Dr Yiqiu Dong (Copenhagen), Prof Elena Piccolomini (Bologna), Dr Fabiana Zama (Bologna), Prof Bogdan Matuszewski (Preston), Dr Li Sun (Lanzhou),
        Dr Behzad Ghanbari (Iran), Dr Gohar Ali (Pakistan), Prof Ronald Lui (Hong Kong), Dr Bo Dong (Dalian), Prof Faisal Fairag (Saudi Arabia), Prof Suhua Wei (Beijing),
        Prof Xia Zhao (Chang-sha), Dr Xue-Feng Yang (Dalian)

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      Prof Ke Chen 
      Prof Andy Cossins 
      Prof Peter Giblin 
      Dr John Fenwick 
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      Prof John Neoptolemos 
      Prof Paul Nolan 
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      Prof Alexei Tepikin 
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