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The sites mentioned at the end of the book can be found below, along with a number of others.  The division between 'Resources' and 'Online texts' (and, often, 'Philosophy' and 'Science') is somewhat artificial, but will have to serve until I can think of a better way of organizing things.  There are more scientific links under the 'Resources' heading, as there are few philosophy sites devoted specifically to time and space; most of the philosophy sites listed are general in orientation, but equipped with efficient search engines, so tracking down available material on relevant topics is easy.  I hope to expand and improve this site, so check back from time to time.

 If you have any comments on the book, please email me and let me know - I expect to have an 'errors, corrections, omissions' section before too long!

Barry Dainton

I can be contacted here: bdainton@liverpool.ac.uk


Philosophy Resources

For doing your own searching; e.g. 'Noesis' delivers links to 4474 documents for 'time' and 1446 for 'space' ...


Noesis- Philosophical Research On-Line

Episteme Links

Stanford Encyclopedia

Void and Emptiness Site As 'Episteme' puts it: A site that focuses on the concepts of the void and emptiness, from many different perspectives including philosophy, art, science and so on. Includes a long bibliography on the subject, several essays by the author, and links related to the study of the concept.

Peter Suber's list of philosophy resources

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Science Resources

Los Alamos e-print archive  A fully automated electronic archive and distribution server for research papers in physics, astronomy and other sciences (formerly xxx.lanl.gov).  The search engine is fast and efficient (click 'Search All' in the 'Archive' section of the search form).  Most of the articles here are intended for specialists, and so are often very technical.

Relativity on the world wide web maintained by John Baez.  Includes links to the physics and relativity frequently asked questions (FAQs), guides and tutorials on relativity, pitched at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels - and Baez's own 'diary of a physicist'.  A wealth of material here - well worth exploring.

The Light Cone Rob Salgado's 'illuminating' introduction to relativity.

The Solar System (University of Tennessee, Astronomy 161) the basics, presented in an accessible way (section 6 'The Development of Modern Astronomy' is particularly useful: introductions to Aristotle, Kepler, Galileo, Newton, etc.)  The 'Astronomy 162' site  is also worth looking at.

MacTutor History of Mathematics archive (St Andrews) Accessible introductions to a lot of useful geometry and physics (see 'History Topics: Alphabetical Index')

American Institute of Physics: Exhibits and Online Source Materials for History of Physics and related fields

Astrophysics in Cyberspace - the High Energy Astrophysics Science Research Archive Center

The Evolution of the Concepts of Space and Time Michael Bradie and Comer Duncan (good historical introduction to all the main figures, from antiquity on)

Jeff Weeks' topology games a useful way of gaining an intuitive appreciation of (very simple) multi-connected spaces.

Andrew Hamilton's homepage featuring videos of what you might see if you were to fall into a black hole, a 'tour' of STR (including a web-based relativistic flight simulator), and simulations of four-dimensional geometrical objects.

Warp allows you to visualize relativistic phenomena that are generally unobservable in the everyday world, e.g. changes in appearance that an observer will see as an object reaches very high speed relative to the observer.

Quantum mechanics made simple a ThinkQuest site, an elementary introduction.

Time Travel Steve Preston's site, with useful information and links.

Entropy on the World Wide Web

Loop quantum gravity theory Lee Smolin's site - plentiful links.

Imagine the Universe! - a NASA educational site, the focus is usually on recent discoveries in astronomy (high production values!)

The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) League - self-explanatory

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Online texts


Stanford Encyclopedia Several useful entries, including:

'Time travel and modern physics' Arntzenius & Maudlin

'Backward Causation' Jan Faye

'Quantum theory', 'Holism and nonseparability in physics', 'The meaning of quantum theory' all by Richard Healey

'The Hole Argument' John Norton

'Being and becoming in modern physics' Steve Savitt

PhilSci Archive I quote: 'an electronic archive for preprints in the philosophy of science. It is offered as a free service to the philosophy of science community. The goal of the Archive is to promote communication in the field by the rapid dissemination of new work.'  Several relevant (and recent) articles available for download (browse the Physics section) - but advanced level.

Time - wide-ranging Internet Encyclopedia Article

Wolfgang Malzkorn- Leibniz's Theory of Space in the Correspondence with Clarke and the Existence of Vacuums

Kant's "Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics"

The Phenomenology of Internal Time-consciousness a short essay on Husserl's views by David L. Thompson

The Ontology and Cosmology of Non-Euclidean Geometry (article) Kelly L. Ross

Kant on Euclid- Geometry in Perspective (article) Stephen Palmquist

Reality and Time (article) J.R. Lucas

Time and the Observer- The Where and When of Consciousness in the Brain (article) Daniel Dennett

Temporal Anomalies of Consciousness- Implications of the Uncentered Brain (article) Daniel Dennett

The Hole Argument John Norton's very useful Stanford Internet Encyclopedia entry

Transcendental Tense 1 / and 2 (articles) D.H. Mellor & J.R. Lucas

A Century of Time (article) J.R. Lucas

Transcendental Tense- Reply to Mr. Lucas D.H. Mellor

'The Time of Our Lives'- Royal Institute of Philosophy Public Lecture (article) D.H. Mellor

Space and Timeaus - John Bigelow (was Plato an advocate of discrete space?)

Time and Becoming (Cogito article) William Grey

The Time Machine - the well-known novel by H.G. Wells

Several papers are available from the online publications section of Huw Price's homepage

Cosmology, Time's Arrow, and that old Double Standard

Chaos Theory and the Fate of the Future

Backward Causation, Hidden Variables, and the Meaning of Completeness

Boltzmann's Time Bomb

Burberry's Last Case: the Mystery of the Entropic Arrow

Why Stephen Hawking's Cosmology Precludes a Creator - Quentin Smith.  Further papers by Smith, defending his claim that big bang cosmology is incompatible with theism are available at the Internet Infidels site

The Problem of Time and Change - Nathan Oaklander

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Relativity: the Special and General Theory - Einstein (the entire book - 1924 edition - just like the current edition, minus the 5th Appendix)

Lecture notes on general relativity by Sean M. Carroll

Living Reviews in Relativity 'is a solely WWW-based, peer reviewed
journal, publishing as the name suggests, reviews of research in all areas
of relativity. The journal is offered as a free service to the scientific
community. Articles are solicited from specialists in their fields and
are directed toward physicists at the graduate student level and beyond.'

Foundations Greg Egan - useful introductions to STR, GTR and quantum mechanics (not always easy, but good).

The Relativity of Physics - Poincare (from Science and Hypothesis)

'Loop quantum gravity and the meaning of diffeomorphism invariance' Gaul and Rovelli (1999)

'Cosmic topology' Lachieze-Rey & Luminet (1995)

'Past and future of cosmic topology' Luminet (1998)

'Topology of the universe: theory and observation' Luminet & Roukema (1999)

'Is space finite?' Luminet, Starkman & Weeks (1999)

'Quantum spacetime: what do we know?' Rovelli (1999)

Event-Symmetric Space-time - 'a free electronic book' (worth a look)

Philosophy of Physics Links

Nova Time Travel Site

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The Galileo Project 'a hypertext source of information on the life and work of Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) and the science of his time'

Isaac Newton Resources 'Here at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, we are often asked about Newton's life and works. There are already many excellent and informative Web sites and books about Newton, so rather than duplicate those, we have put together a guide to some of the places, both real and virtual, where you can find out more.' 

Leibniz - a big, rich, site

Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm- Metaphysics (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

McTaggart - introduction to his life and work by Peter Geach

McTaggart - picture of (young-ish) McT., and brief summary of the 'unreality' argument

McTaggart on the Unreality of Time - summary of the argument, from Soshichi Uchii's 'Spacetime' course notes (comprehensive)

Poincare (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry)

Albert Einstein Online - lots of links

Barbour, Julian - homepage; useful 'Discover' interview

Huw Price

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Hubble Telescope Images  The book cover, and the picture above, come from here.  There's much else to see.



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