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In Liverpool:

Headshot of Ursula Callaghan

Ursula Callaghan - Head of International Relations

As Head of International Relations, I support the management of the University of Liverpool’s international partnerships to facilitate student admissions.  The University has a number of international partnerships, but undoubtedly the most special is our partnership with XJLTU.  Student admissions to Liverpool from XJTLU are facilitated through the 2+2 programme and my team works alongside Liverpool and XJLTU colleagues to get articulation routes approved, provide advice and information through the Liverpool web-pages, run events for 2+2 applicants and oversees the processes to admit and support XJTLU students with their transfer to Liverpool.  We also work closely with a network of academic and professional services staff across the University to enhance the experience for 2+2 students in Liverpool, supporting your success here and your future ambitions.

Alicia Headshot

Alicia Bethel - Deputy Head of International Relations

I work hard to make sure that you have the information you need to enable a seamless transition to the University of Liverpool. I work with the academic departments and support and enhancement offices in Liverpool, along with colleagues at XJTLU to support your articulation. I have visited XJTLU several times and look forward to visiting again in the future. I also look forward to welcoming you to Liverpool soon!

Luisa Headshot

Luisa Lovering - International Relations Development Manager

I am responsible for partnership governance, legal contracts and agreements at the University of Liverpool. I ensure that the course options for 2+2 students articulating to Liverpool from XJTLU are efficiently managed. I oversee the annual approval processes, procedures and timelines for 2+2 course approval. I also support the Associate Director of International Recruitment, Relations and Study Abroad and Head of International Recruitment in developing policies and guidelines for international recruitment.

Rachael Headshot

Rachael Moon Barker - International Enrolment and Sponsor Relations Manager

I support the transition of students from XJTLU to Liverpool. Having studied at Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona and having lived in the USA, I know what it is like to be an international student, and love getting to meet and work with international students here at University of Liverpool. I am also responsible for the management of Sponsors and sponsored students, ensuring that international students are able to fully enjoy and benefit from their experience in Liverpool. I've worked in various roles in the International Team, both sending students to overseas universities and helping international students come to Liverpool.

Gabriella Chen Image

Gabriella Chen - Communications Officer

I work very closely with 2+2 students, both those who are already in Liverpool and those at XJTLU. As a communication officer, no matter what questions you have, like living or study in Liverpool, I am here to support you. I come from Shanghai and studied an MA degree in the University of Liverpool School of Architecture. I graduated in 2020 and was sponsored by the University to establish a platform to share my UK study experiences. I hope I can help you fully enjoy your time studying in Liverpool!

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Martin Robinson - Section Head – Research and XJTLU Admissions

Within the International Admissions Team at the University of Liverpool, Martin and his colleagues are responsible for 2+2 admissions.  Following the 2+2 application deadline, 2+2 applications are uploaded to the University’s student records system.  Applicants will then receive a series of communications relating to their offer to transfer to Liverpool.  Following publication of exam results at XJLTU, successful students will be sponsored for  UK Visa through the application for a Certificate of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). CAS numbers and unconditional offers will be distributed to students to be used to apply for a UK Visa.  Martin supports the Liverpool Mobility Manager with student visa sessions and document checking.   

In China:

Haibei Feng

Haibei Feng - Alumni Engagement Manager (China)

I support University of Liverpool graduates returning to China. The official UoL China alumni network is welcoming and resourceful. Our network includes graduates from undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, online programmes and graduates from XJTLU.  I help to organise a variety of events based on career development and alumni interests. I work to strengthen the connection between you and your university. Students of UoL or XJTLU are welcome to join our network upon or even prior to graduation.

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Liverpool Mobility Manager (2+2 Teacher) / 2+2 Team

Located within the XJLTU Registry, the Liverpool Mobility Manager works alongside Registry colleagues to support students looking to transfer to Liverpool. The 2+2 teacher provides advice and guidance to any student at XJLTU but works closely with students in year 2 to guide them through the necessary processes.  During the second year, students will be invited to a series of presentations and information sessions to overview all aspects of the transfer including articulation options, life in Liverpool, accommodation in Liverpool, applying for the 2+2, preparing for and applying for a UK visa.  One to one drop-in sessions are also available for individual advice and guidance.  Following exam results, the 2+2 teacher works intensively with Liverpool admissions colleagues to support students with the UK visa application process.