University of Liverpool involvement

Validation and accreditation

XJTLU is a truly unique institution. It is the only international collaborative university in China with dual degree awarding powers, from the Chinese Ministry of Education and from the University of Liverpool.

Upon completion of their studies, students will be awarded a University of Liverpool degree and an XJTLU degree (from the Chinese Ministry of Education).

Programme Development

The University of Liverpool has liaised closely with colleagues at XJTLU to develop a range of undergraduate programmes.

XJTLU has a number of academic departments and schools focused on a range of disciplines, offering both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes and conducting original research. Departments and schools has expanded to include architecture, biological sciences, chemistry, China studies, civil engineering, computer science and software engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, English, health and environmental sciences, industrial design, institute of leadership and education advanced development, international business school Suzhou, international relations, mathematical sciences, urban planning and design, department of media and communication, school of film and TV arts, and XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang).

The Language Centre offers intensive provision to undergraduate students in their first year of undergraduate study, and supports the further development of language skills and the ability to use English for academic purposes in the second, third and fourth years.