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XJTLU aims to bring together the best practice from its parent universities, Xi’an Jiaotong University and the University of Liverpool, and aspires to be a leading research-led university that combines a strong international profile with an unswerving commitment to the economic and social development of Suzhou, Jiangsu Province and China (reference).

XJTLU has a number of research priorities:
• Energy futures: social and technological choices
• Human-computer interaction: design, social networks, telecommunication
• Finance, risk and hazard management
• Sustainable urbanisation
• Health technologies
• Emerging economies
• Diagnostic markers, therapeutic targets and drug discovery
• Languages, communication and culture
• Nanotechnology and new materials

The University's research strategy commits to developing the physical and cultural environment necessary to build on its own and its parent universities’ current strengths. XJTLU aims to establish an international profile based on world-class, cutting-edge research and to provide a framework for action through sharply focused key research themes and centres.

XJTLU will orientate itself towards applied research, aiming to enhance Suzhou Industrial Park’s research infrastructure and gain crucial support from local government. The University is also well positioned as a bridge for Sino-British research collaboration, serving both as a portal for research talents entering China and a showcase for local research potential to the world at large.

XJTLU’s research strategy is kept under active review and evolves together with the development of academic programmes. It will be measured by its feasibility, focus and sustainability.