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Programmes at the University of Liverpool for XJTLU students on Humanities and Social Science programmes.

Use this page to find out what you'd study at the University of Liverpool, and what your course would consist of.

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BA English and Communications Studies

BA English and Communication Studies

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BA Applied English 

BA English

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BA English & International Business 

BA English and Business

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BA Media and Communication 

BA Communication Studies

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BA International Affairs and International Relations

BA International Relations

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Our graduates have gone on to careers including broadcasting, journalism, social media, advertising and marketing, corporate communications and public relations, arts administration, political campaigning (including political parties, trade unions and charities), management, government, and the civil service. 


English students will, through a range of entirely optional modules, construct a programme combining English Language and Literature, or specialise in either. The Language modules aim to provide understanding of the historical, social and psychological factors that shape the English language used in everyday life, while the Literature modules are designed to foster interpretive skills applying to a wide range of genres and historical periods.


If you're studying Communications you will gain a deep understanding of film, journalism, digital media and language: how do these various communication systems shape the world around us, and our perception of it?

From politics and human rights, to celebrity and culture: you will learn how such ideas are influenced, expressed and shared. You will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of media and communication forms, analysing how they are organised as text, how they represent the world to us and ourselves to the world (from global power politics to constructions of individual identity), and how the media industries are organised to produce and profit from them. 

  • Communications and Media is  ranked 4th in the sector for outstanding research impact and English is ranked  10th REF 2021
  • 99% are employed or in further study within six months of graduating (DLHE 2016/17)
  • Staff at Liverpool are internationally renowned for their work with four BBC ‘New Generation’ thinkers within the department

International Relations

Current international trends are interpreted in a historical perspective yet with a view to future directions and likely developments. Politics affects all our lives and with a deeper understanding you can join in conversations that address key issues.

As an XJTLU 2+2 student, you will have the opportunity to learn from internationally recognised scholars and to hear about their cutting edge research examining a wide range of aspects of international relations. You will explore political ideas, systems and processes, learn to question and to challenge, how to collect data, develop knowledge, construct arguments and communicate your findings in different ways.

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