This is an exciting opportunity offering a variety of placements in our Professional Services offices, science laboratories and workshops. Each placement is paid at the National Minimum Wage for 6 months.

The University, in collaboration with One Ark, Knowsley Community College and St Helens College, recruits individuals aged 16-17 years old to join our Pre-Apprenticeship Programme.

Pre-Apprenticeship Programme recruitment events are usually held each year where interested individuals can find out more about the programme structure and entry requirements.

To register, please call 0174 462 3140.

For queries, please call 0151 795 8046.  

Pre-Apprenticeship Case Studies

Tailah Edwards-Feenie - Management School (2020)

James Scanlon - School of Life Sciences (2019)

Craig Cahill - Integrative Biology (2015)

Abbie Keogh - Clinical Services (2015)

Manager Case Study - Martin Brady - Integrative Biology (2015)

More Information

Pre-Apprenticeship Programme Advert

Pre-Apprenticeship Flyer

Pre-Apprenticeship Programme Impact Report

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