Why become a Liverpool Advocate?

All of our Advocates are excellent communicators, friendly, hard-working, outgoing and passionate about equality within the higher education system. Advocates need to be reliable and trustworthy, as they deal with young people and the high degree of responsibility that accompanies this. Above all, enthusiasm is an absolute must and can really open a young person’s eyes to the benefits of higher education.

In return for the commitment required for the role, there are a range of benefits from becoming a Liverpool Advocate, including...

  • Paid work
  • Boost employability with a range of transferable skills: our current students cite confidence, communication skills and teamwork as the top skills they gain from the role.
  • Opportunities for personal and professional development: we put on optional workshops to support students’ development needs. Previously this has included accredited First Aid and Mental Health Training and sessions from Teach First on leadership and classroom management.
  • Flexibility: Liverpool Advocates don’t have fixed hours – we send out messages on Microsoft Teams about work opportunities so that students can fit their work around studies and work as much or as little as they like.
  • Meet new people: We employ over 140 students from across all three faculties and year groups, meaning our Advocates are a diverse group. As an Advocate you have the chance to meet people from around the University that you probably wouldn’t meet otherwise.
  • Job satisfaction: Working with children and young people and helping inspire them to fulfil their potential is extremely rewarding and memorable. Liverpool Advocates can really make a difference.
  • Liverpool Advocates are valued employees of the University and this is recognised through the fact that all Advocates have a 0 hours contract and are entitled to accrue holiday pay.