The Professor Fluffy Roadshow

Professor Fluffy’s Primary Roadshow is an exciting, classroom-based project that delivers sessions to both Year 5 and Year 6 pupils by current students and recent graduates. We currently deliver the roadshow to around 3000 pupils a year from selected partner primary schools.

The Professor Fluffy Roadshow is a two hour programme which aims to raise awareness and aspirations of university. The children get an insight into what being a student is like, what courses they can study, where they can go to university and what happens at graduation. The children are fascinated by the concept of university and always have plenty of questions to ask!

The session includes resources for the young people to complete during the session and to take away after the Roadshow:

- An interactive Professor Fluffy website session

- Professor Fluffy comic activity

- Graduation ceremony

- Professor Fluffy incentives to take away‌‌‌‌


The session is highly valued by teachers and pupils alike who have made the following comments:

Teacher’s Comments

“Very engaging and a fun way to introduce young people to University. Some of these pupils didn’t know what University was. I believe it has inspired them to have raised aspirations and go onto further education”

“Very informative and good fun for the children. Pitched at the right level”

“Inspirational for primary children, gives them a taste of what university is like”

“The roadshow benefitted the class because they are now aware that university is accessible to them all (if they work hard)”

Children’s Comments

“I thought that I wouldn’t go to university but since Professor Fluffy has come in I have changed my mind”

“I learnt new words such as lecturers and that professor fluffy is a female also that medicine takes five years to study and become a doctor”

“I thought it might be scary but I am excited to go to university.”


For more information contact Project Officer Emily Walsh: