Professor Fluffy's Campus Visits

Year 5 groups from selected primary schools have the opportunity to spend the day on campus learning about what it is like to be a student. The day includes an interactive tour of the campus delivered by current students at the University, curriculum content for example Egyptology, Evolutionary Anthropology, Medicine and Ancient Civilisation. The day culminates in a mini-graduation ceremony where the children take home a certificate of participation and have the opportunity to dress in a cap and gown. This aspiration raising day contextualises the work the children do in primary school and allows them to imagine their future as a university student. We invite parents and carers to take part in the day to encourage further conversations at home about university and their aspirations.

Teacher evaluations:

“Enjoyable day for the staff and children.  Children had an excellent overview of learning at University.  The message was also driven that they (anyone of them) could be a student and achieve a degree.”

“Lots of opportunities for teachers to have insight into children’s own science knowledge.”

“Absolutely amazing!  Worthwhile for any school”

Pupil evaluations:

“Yes it has because I want to be an Engineer when I’m older so coming here is the best choice for me”

“Because you can do and make fun things and learn new things everyday – that’s why I like Professor Fluffy’s campus so much.”


Pupils said they would be much more likely to go onto University and work harder in school as a result of the day.

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