Living off-campus

Welcome to the start of your journey at the University of Liverpool. Whether you are living locally with your family or friends or are moving into private accommodation, we are here to support you and provide you with the best possible University experience.

During this year’s Welcome, we will be hosting events and activities to help you learn more about student life, get to know the campus and meet new people. There will also be plenty of University staff and current students around to offer support and advice for your student journey ahead. We want to help you make friends and feel like you belong from the very beginning.

Get involved

This year there will be plenty of chances to get involved in all aspects of University life, from clubs and societies, to ‘Give it a Go’, so keep checking the events section for details and make sure to download the My Liverpool App, your one-stop shop to all city and campus events and activities.

Take a look at The Liverpool Welcome canvas module to find bespoke activities for those living off campus and follow @livunistudents on Instagram for tips and Welcome sneak peeks!

Travelling to campus

If you are travelling to and from the University campus, we advise you to walk, cycle or use public transport where possible, as parking in the city centre is limited. Liverpool Guild of Students offers exclusive discounted rates on Arriva bus passes for students.  There are also bike racks and pods available for use across campus, if you are looking to cycle. 

Top tips

We asked our students for their top tips about ways to have a great experience when living off-campus:

  • Try out at least one event, you’ll learn something new and meet new people. Download the My Liverpool app to see what's on
  • Don’t be afraid to join new things by yourself, it's okay to come alone. Just be open to finding and creating new friendships
  • Find something you enjoy and get involved. It’s a great way to meet some amazing people who share your interests
  • Hang around campus outside of scheduled class time, you’ll always find things happening
  • Don't be so scared of what people think of you! There will be so many people like you and forming friendship groups is a lot easier than you think
  • Do a tour of the libraries, it’s crazy how important they are and how much time you’ll spend in them. So, it’s a good idea to take a tour of them to know how exactly they function and how to get the most out of them
  • The year will fly by so enjoy it and work hard
  • Stay organised and plan your time.

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